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Adam, the intrepid

Tonight’s the 2nd to the last night of Idol, and I’m super-happy.  I don’t really care who wins.  Blah.  And the judges are acting so stupid.  I miss Allison.

also, he's a little bit cute

also, he's a little bit cute

Season finales are all over the place right now, and I loved the one for Dollhouse.  I’m corssing my fingers that it doesn’t get canceled, but I kinda already think that ship has sailed.  The 2 show cameo from Alan Tudyk has been lovely [as I think he’s the bee’s knees (he nearly made me pee my pants in Death at a Funeral], and the twist of making him Alpha was freakin’ genius.  The show just took a couple episodes to warm up…

Oh – Idol coverage – ummmm…

Judge picks:

  • Paula for Danny: blah.  D’arby, but didn’t know the song – not memorable.
  • Randy/Kara for Kris:  Apologize.  coulda been good. Wasn’t.  Complete copycat.  Except it was out of his range.
  • Simon for Adam: One.  Not the best choice, IMO.  Adam took great liberties, and ended well, but started weak, and I still didn’t like it.  I find that he’s highly talented, but still not going in the direction that is best for his voice.

Contestant picks:

  • Danny: Genius. You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker.  Excellent arrangement.  Excellent vocals.  Excellent performance.
  • Kris: Scary. Heartless by Kanye West.  Brave choice.  Just gave me a flashback to Dreamgirls, when the white dude steals Jimmy’s “Cadillac” song.  I won’t lie, I’m not into Kris.  And I just looked up The Fray’s version, and contrary to Randy, I like their’s better [though it’s still kinda yucky].
  • Adam:  Almost.  Cryin‘ by Aerosmith.  The timbre of his voice isn’t anywhere near Stephen Tyler’s and Tyler’s voice is perfect for the song.  Adam’s over-the-top ending sucked, but the delivery of the song didn’t suck.

Ummm…no telling who’ll win, but I’m hoping it’s down to Danny and Adam.  IMO, they’re the most deserving.

we lab girls are awesome, by the way

we lab girls are awesome, by the way

And now for the new X-Files Fringe finale.  Astrid’s role is growing, but not fast enough.  Maybe she’ll get promoted next season.  More Astrid, please!

In personal news – the Mustang is mine.  An ’09, V6, in a color called vapor.  Very sweet ride.

One thought on “Adam, the intrepid

  1. Okay. I’m for a KRADAM final.

    I’ve been for a Kris and Adam final for the last 6 weeks (since I bothered to actually watch Idol regularly: which was Kris’ fault with his ‘Ain’t no Sunshine’).

    KRIS and ADAM would really be a great final. They are both very creative and very different from each other.

    I have not been a fan of Danny’s husky voice & his need to have a loud shouty part to every song that he sings. And I don’t like the big band that he usually has with his songs. I appreciated him starting off soft and quiet with his song choice tonight, but then he went and started yelling again. I quite liked Danny’s ‘Come Rain or Come Shine’ but it still wasn’t one of my favorites of the (very stellar all round) Jazz week night (Matt’s ‘Funny Valentine’ was).

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