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the rockin’ top 4

that's how my hair'd look if I just let it poof [and then wore a hat]

that's how my hair'd look if I just let it poof (and then wore a top hat)

I gotta start off saying I’m biased cuz rock week doesn’t much appeal to me.  So – you’ve been warned.

Slash is the mentor this week – and I love him – but I think it’s kinda weird from someone who doesn’t really sing.  But then there was Tarantino week – that was weird too – but at least Slash is a musician.

Adam opens the show with an over-the-top performance of a song I don’t know.  He did well for himself.

Allison did Cry Baby, and she did well.  Her voice was great and the song was quite enjoyable.  But when Simon said he would’ve chosen the Queen song [she coulda picked Somebody to Love] she argued, saying it wasn’t Queen.  Ah, youth.

Tonight there’s something new – duets.  The first: Chris and Danny doing Styx’s Renegade.  I think this is more suited for Danny’s voice than Chris’s.  The harmonies were awesome.  And Simon spoke the truth.  Danny was better.

Chris does Come Together, and it’s not dirty enough for me.  I guess I just really like Joe Cocker’s version.  I don’t think he really did anything with the song.  It just came across as trying…but not hard enough.

Danny – seriously?  Dream On?  That’s no Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.  That song actually needs more of Adam’s theatricality.  And now I’ve muted the screaming.  And started laughing.  But I stopped myself cuz I don’t want to see him go, yet.  But, wow.  Slash wasn’t kidding when he said it could go the wrong direction.  I just shivered.  Woo.  That was bad.

Now we get Foghat’s Slow Ride by Allison and Adam.  Their voices are good, but this song sucks to me.  There’ve got to be better songs they could’ve chosen.  They play off of each other well.  And their voices mesh together much better.

I’m hoping for Allison to stay and Chris to go.  But I could handle any of the guys going right now.  I wanted Danny to win, but wtf was tonight?


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