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Foxx on Fox

I love Jamie Foxx.  I think he’s probably my favorite celebrity crush.  He’s beautiful, funny, and his voice is like buttah.  I remember watching his comedy special in the early 90s…and that’s when I fell.

Tonight Jamie came back to Fox to mentor the idols.  Kris, Allison, Matt, Danny, and Adam.

Kris was low-key as always and no big deal.  Allison’s Someone to Watch Over Me was predictably lovely, though I would’ve liked her to do a little more with the melody.  I was completely embarrassed for Matt because he came off as a know-it-all in front of Jamie, and he wasn’t that great.  Then he performed and he was his same-ol’ reliable self: a bad performer.

Then, I was completely embarrassed for Danny because he was dressed exactly like Matt had been and looked like a total dork [just like Matt had].  But his rapport with Jamie was real, so I forgave him for his fashion faux pas.  Then he sang the crap out of a song I don’t remember hearing before.  Best performance of the night, IMO.

Adam’s rendition of Feeling Good was totally his own, and I hated it.  For me it almost bordered on disrespectful, even though I know it wasn’t necessarily intentional.  I just hated it very strongly, although I agree that it was performed well.  UGH – I just thought it was awful.

Personally, I’ll stick with Jamie – old and new:


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