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idle/idol observations

I always hate Disco week.

And I still don’t understand why they lip-synch their group performances.  Well, this is more dancing than they’re used to, so I can get it here – but always?  [and did you notice how Anoop kinda looked like Wilmer Valderama with those sunglasses on?  just a random thought]

Anyway, my boss has been way better since I got back from vaca – so I’m happy about that.  Although I don’t really know how things are going to work out with my review.  Life at work is … interesting right now.

These results shows are just not my cuppa anymore.  Disco folks that are unfortunately past their prime, Idol misses who aren’t quite at their prime yet…

our lone awesome lady

our lone awesome lady

And of course I’m pissed that it’s down to Anoop and Allison.  I love Anoop, but Allison had to stay.  Anoop’s performances haven’t been as consistent throughout the competition, and last night’s was pretty weak…

So Lil and Anoop are out.  Kinda sux – since Matt shouldn’t even BE there.  Boo on Matt.

So – top five = Matt [blech], Adam, Danny [I’m so over this guy], Kris [has been a sleeper, and is starting to shine], and Allison [our lone awesome lady].

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