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close-up on the nail-polish

Tonight’s Idol results show started with Simon [hopefully] presciently suggesting that Megan may be packing her bags tonight.  And then we see the top 9 do Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.  Allison and Kris did well – everyone else…blah.  By the end, I was detecting some more lipping.  I’m kinda confused by this.

I’m kinda sad that there are so few girls this season.

And Ryan’s grouped the 9 in threes – ostensibly, one group is the bottom three.

  • group 1 – Megan, Kris,Matt
  • group 2 – Lil, Allison,Danny
  • group 3 – Scott, Anoop, Adam

But we have to wait through a David Cook song: Come Back to Me, before we find out anything.

Ok – looks like one person from each group is in the bottom: Megan, Allison, and Anoop.  Allison totally shouldn’t be there – her Don’t Speak ast night was pretty good.  Megan was a train wreck on Turn the Lights Down Low (I actually resent this song choice, because I find it presumptuous of her to even believe she can pull it off.  And nearly offensive that she butchered it so badly), and Anoop wasn’t quite stellar with his Usher’s Caught Up.

And now, Lady Gaga begins Poker Face in a way I’m unaccustomed to.  I mostly hate her music, but the beginning was nice.  All her music sounds like 80s throwbacks to me.  BAD 80s throwbacks.  FFWD.

Ha!  Ryan asks Simon how many of the bottom three might be worth saving, and he says, “one.”  Then someone in the crowd shouts out, “Allison!”

bye bye bye [BYE BYE!]

bye bye bye (BYE BYE!)

But Hallelujah, Allison and Anoop are safe and Megan’s going home.  She performs Bob/Lauryn again – doing an even worse job [which I’d hardly thought possible].  The right person went home tonight.

Next week – songs from the year they were born.


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