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idol breakdown: 2 nights in one

I’m watching the beginning of the Idol results show, and the top ten Motown medley spotlights the fact that there are only 3 girls left.  Oh – and the fact that they’re all lip-synching their performance.  What’s up with that?

my top 3

my top 3 this week

Highlights from last night?  Anoop, Allison, and …Adam?  I think that’s his name.  The one that freaked that Johnny Cash song last week.  Anoop’s Ooh, Baby made me love him even more, Allison’s Papa Was a Rolling Stone was a great performance and I love her, and Adam…is weird.  But his translation of Tracks of My Tears was incredible.  So awesome.

All the rest of the white guys were fair to middling.  Danny Gokey was entertaining, but I can’t even remember what song he sang, so it must not’ve left that big of an impression.

And now, Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson sing You’re the One for Me. It’s a little distrubing to watch.  But the sound doesn’t suck.  Smokey still has an amazing voice.  Amazing.  You know, if he sang everything he said, I’m betting there’s a significant portion of the female population [possibly of the male population, as well], that would do whatever he asked.

Now, I’m thinking the producer gave us hair fanatics a break and shot the back of Joss’s head, so we could see how many braids she has in her hair, and how they’re arranged.  I’m actually really grateful for that.  I love hair.  I probably couldn’t do that with mine cuz my hair’s so curly, but I could try.

Whee!  Anoop is safe!

The bottom 3: Scott, Michael, Matt G.  I mostly want Michael to go.  A lot.  He’s super boring to me.

And here’s Stevie again.  The medley is awesome, and Overjoyed is one of my faves – the producers used this part to highlight the people who knew the songs.  And those who were just snapping along [I’m looking at you Meghan].

And Michael goes.  Because he should have.


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