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but i thought everyone…

i guess they don't

i guess they don't

OK.  This is getting bananas.  I have DVR, so I don’t view as much advertisement as the less-fortunate, but I still get bombarded by fiber/potty commercials.  Everything from toilet tissue sticking to a baby bear’s bum, to 15 different kinds of yogurt that apparently help you poop.

So today I was watching tv live, and endured a commercial for something new: PlumSmart Plum Juice.

The commercial has a lady narrator who asks the question:

When did you get smart about your digestive health?

My favorite response?

When my stomach couldn’t wait 14 days for slow acting yogurt.

Huh?  Is the whole country backed up?

I guess the folks over at SunSweet found that their juice couldn’t just be marketed as tasty and delicious.  Welch’s kinda has that sewn up.  Has the market for foods that help you poop just really opened up recently?  Why does everything from granola bars to yogurt to juice have to be a purgative?

Folks, it’s both fascinating and troubling that pooping is such an issue for us, as a nation.

At least the person waiting for the yogurt to help him out was a dude.  I think we’re all tired of these fiber/yogurt commercials only being aimed at the ladies.


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