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question. and idol results

I’m wondering when Torchwood is coming back.  Anybody know?

As for Idol – having DVR is the bomb.  I can skip through all the crap.

What’s a perfect way to demonstrate that singing ability isn’t necessarily the key to stardom?  Have Kanyeezy come on the show and do Heartless.  Why do I like this song so much?  He really can’t sing.

Anyway – Jasmine’s the first one gone.  And I’m sad, cuz I think Anoop might be going.  I LOVE Anoop.

Kelly Clarkson’s My Life Would Suck Without You started slow, but picked up with the first chorus.  I’m not a superfan of her music, but I really like her personality.  She seems like a really cool girl who would probably be one of my sister’s friends.

Anoop is SAFE!!!!!1! Eleventy!!!  But Jorge is going.  A little sad.  The judges have only one save for the whole season.  They won’t be using it this early.  But I’m sad to see Jorge go.  He is a beautiful person.  I wonder if all 13 will go on tour.  Or if it’ll just be the top 10.

But seriously – does anyone know about Torchwood?


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