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wildcard night – the final 3

Ok, I know Tatiana has the most annoying personality of any Idol contestant in recent memory, but she can actually sing.  I also didn’t miss Simon’s surreptitious flicking her off.

But Anoop is my boy.  I love this guy!  He’s got great personality.

he's totally cuter on tv

he's totally cuter on tv

And he’s super fun.

So Jasmine’s first through to the top 12.  She sang Reflection, which was o.k.

Megan is next through, after having sung that Black Horse/Cherry Tree song that I can’t stand.

And my DVR cuts off.  Bwah?!  So I go hunting around the internet cuz I was on a serious delay, and finally I find this:

Von is not through. Matt and Anoop come forward, and Simon tells him that Matt is in the Top 12. He then says to Anoop that they just now decided that it’s actually going to be a Top 13.

Super fakeout!

AHHHHH!  Anoop, there it is!  [ok – that was bad.  sorry.]


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