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the last idol 12 – eliminations

I really don’t like Katy Perry.  Her songs just sound stupid to me.  It may just be a matter of taste, but they tend to just irritate me in general.  So the 3rd 12 singing Hot and Cold wasn’t endearing to me.  Arianna has some really weird expressions, tho.

Lil Rounds is first of tonight’s top 3.  Yay!

Scott is through to the top 12!  Idol is truly becoming diverse.  And I love that song.

Down to Ju’not and Jorge – the last 2 chances to a POC dude on the show.  Jorge is hilarious.

And in the top 12, apparently.

Lil, Scott, and Jorge, are the last 3 to make up the first of the top 12.

Three wildcard spots are left to the judges.  Too bad Jamar’s not in the group.  I’m seriously sad about that.  That and the fact that Idol’s gonna be on again tomorrow night.  It’s hogging too much tv time.

Wildcard picks: Von, Jasmine, Ricky [who I don’t even remember], Megan, Tatiana [bwah?!?], Matt, Jessi, Anoop [YAY!!]

So.  I’ll watch tomorrow.  [rooting for Anoop, and anyone else who isn’t Tatiana.  I just can’t stand the laugh.]


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