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i need a new phone

junotI’ve been trying to vote for the lovely Ju’not and his smooth rendition of Hey There, Delilah on tonight’s Idol [the final 12].  But because I have the Samsung Glyde, I’m handicapped by having to press what seems to be an excessive amount of buttons to redial his number [05 – hint hint].  Or – I could just not know how to use my phone optimally.  That *could* be it…but I don’t think so.  Anyway, I’m hoping some other folks will vote for this guy cuz I loved what he did with the song, even if his performance did get a little buried amongst so many mediocre others.

I’m also feelin Lil Rounds [is this her real name?] and can’t wait to hear her do something a lil [ugh, puns] different.

I’m somewhat reminded of an article I read earlier today discussing the imbalance between American demographic realities and Hollywood’s scripted tv shows (in regards to featuring POCs).  Reality shows tend to feature POCs [in central/starring roles] with a MUCH higher frequency than scripted sitcoms and dramas.  Although it has often seemed to me, at least on network tv, that the POCs are there to serve some quota purposes.  They are there for the initial shows, as it would be to obvious to eliminate them at the first opportunity, but once everybody has acknowledged that the show fulfilled their EEOC obligations, the POCs are on the chopping block.

Take, for example, this season of Survivor, which I’m loving.  Taj is freakin awesome, and I hope she stays til the end.  But the article referenced at Racialicious states that 3 blacks are in the current cast of Survivor.  Not anymore.  It’s just Taj now.  [granted, the article’s from 2/22]  But to make the picture clearer, take a gander at the Bachelor/Bachelorette series.  These shows never actually fit in the group featuring POCs, but they would usually have one or two tokens in the initial competition – fading away fairly quickly.  [I don’t know if this was true for every single season, as there’ve been a bunch of them, and I can’t stand the show.  But I do remember this being a pattern with several seasons.]

Idol’s been one of the shows that has tended closer to an American representation, with fairly diverse top 12’s in the past.  I’ve been ranting about this season sucking the big one – which I ultimately still believe at this point – but I have to say, tonight’s 12 were much more promising than the previous 24.  Excluding Danny – who has a great voice and a great story for melting all the sentimental hearts.

**one moment.  apparently I’ve fallen for a spoof email and need to close my credit card account**

Ok.  So where was I?  Ah.  Uh.  Kinda hard to keep your train of thought when you’re thinking about people unscrupulously using your credit or showing up at your house to harvest your Wii.

Anyway, tonight was better than the previous two weeks shows, and held the last two POCs that may or may not make it into the top 12.  I’m thinking that Lil has a better chance, because her performance was at the end of the show – helping her stand out.  So I’m voting for Ju’not, and hoping.

But this doggone phone…..


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