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idol 1st 12 – eliminations

So, last night I forgot to talk about the crappy sound/mic issues that the contestants had to deal with.  And Paula’s awful hair.  But the mic issues are back this evening – with the group performance of I’m Yours.  Not the best group song, actually, and Michael’s crowding Anoop out of the frame, which is sad – cuz I love Anoop.  But Paula’s hair is better tonight.

Alexis is safe.  Michael beat out Anoop by 20,000 votes, which sucks.  Anoop’s personality is awesome, though – as much as I’ve seen.  I’d like to know him.

And now, an insignificant blast from the past: Carly and Mike from last season.  They sing a really blah song through the still-crappy mic issues.  I forgot

And then Tatiana and Danny are the last two contestants.  And because America is not completely insane, Danny is through to the top 12.

3 down, 9 to go.

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