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new idol season: blech

Everyone had awful song choices.  Everyone.idol-logo

I didn’t even listen to the person who chose to sing Donnie Hathaway’s A Song For You – it’s been so overdone, I barely like to hear *Donnie’s* version anymore.  Fast forwarded through most of all the other performances – from A Little Less Conversation to Saving All My Love and the hideous in between of Every Little Thing She Does, Rock With You.

There were two OK performances tonight: Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey.  And since there were so many terrible performances between Alexis and Danny, the judges were ecstatic to hear an actual good job on a song, and went Kuh-Ray-Zay over Danny.  [All except for Simon, who kept his head.]  Alexis did Aretha’s I Never Loved a Man, and didn’t suck.  She was  a ray of sunshine after the first two contestants, whose names I don’t think we’ll need to know.  But this is Aretha, y’all.  Big song to go after on night #1.  Danny chose another inspirational/sad song – as he always does.  I’m a HUGE Mariah fan – seriously – but I don’t need to hear Hero again.  I already lived through the 90s.

I have her entire catalog – minus maybe 2 songs? – and I just pretend that Hero doesn’t exist.  I’ll listen to One Sweet Day first.

So – why did these people choose these awful songs?  [Awful, in the sense of being completely wrong for their personalities and voices, with the exception of Danny, who hit with both, just -sadly- his personality is still on the negative side with the sympathy thing for his wife. …but I digress]  I have no clue why these people take months to come up with sorry crap – it’s hard, it’s scary…but it’s American Idol.  It’s the same show every year.

Surprise!  You have to choose songs that fit you, your personality, and remain current and relevant.

Most of tonight’s contestants were completely forgettable, and I’ve already forgotten them.  Hopefully Danny gets through.  Alexis would be nice, but doesn’t have to.  Everyone else should go home.  And Jamar should’ve been in one of their places.  Complete travesty, that.

Here’s hoping next week will be better.

ETA: Forgot Anoop was in this group.  He was lost in a sea of bad song choices and worse performances.  He did Monica’s Angel of Mine, and shouldn’t have.  He might be lost, which would be sad, cuz he’s cool.  But he was off tonight.


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