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i need some notice, ya’ll

naacp-imageThe NAACP Awards are on tonight.  And the only reason I even know is that nothing else is being taped by my DVR.  So I checked to make sure ‘Bones’ isn’t supposed to be being taped.  And these awards are on.  Today, Lincoln’s birthday, is the 100th anniversary of the NAACP.

Beyonce opened with Halo and tears in her eyes.  The video montage ended with Obama, as these are so often wont to do.  I love that these awards are for people of color.  Not just black people.

Chandra Wilson won best female tv drama actress. YAY!  Jennifer Hudson won Best New Artist. Yay!  Hill Harper won best male tv actor. Yay!

Tracee Ellis Ross won for best female tv comedy actress on Girlfriends.  I thought that show was over.

Grey’s Anatomy won for outstanding tv drama.  Outstanding comedy series goes to TP’s House of Payne.  Really?  That show isn’t even that funny.

You know what?  I’m not listing these awards – there are too many!  They don’t televise a bunch of them, and so there are too many to list and pay attention to.  I’ve already missed that guy from House of Payne, and I don’t know what his name is.

And the awards to Wangari Maathai and Al Gore – I don’t even know what they were for!  The song by Will.I.Am was nice.  It was all for the environment – good to know he’s continuing to use his powers for good.

Diddy won for Raisin in the Sun – instead of Andre Braugher for Andromeda Strain [which I freakin loved].  This show is crazy.

Taraji won for Benjamin Button – instead of any of the lovely ladies from Bees.  I totally protest against that Button movie, just cuz it looks sucky to me.  I’m sure lots of people love it, but it’s not for me.

I’ve heard Seal do ‘A Change Gon’ Come’, and he did a good job.  Now it’s ‘People Get Ready’, which I’ve always loved.  It’s just so rare for me to hear something from him.  And Curtis Mayfield passed last year, so it’s fitting.  Oh shoot.  Now I’ve got tears in my eyes.

Oooh, Halle.  The black dress with a peekaboo halter and some sparkly snakeskin(?) – that thing is awesomely fine.  Great dress.

Russell Simmons is getting the Vanguard award.  I’m surprised he hasn’t already gotten one, but hey – shout out to the veggies!  Do you, folks.  Yoga mogul.  Ha!

How come every time Diddy comes on stage, they play I’ll Be Missing You?  That song came out forever ago.  He present the award to Russell, and he gives his hat to his girls [Ming & Aoki] – who give it back and forth to each other and really steal the show until he takes the hat back.  But then they take it back when one starts tapping on his arm, saying that she should also be thanked.  And then raises the award above her head.  While her sister plays with the gum in her mouth.  They’re fantastic!

Muhammad Ali receives the president’s award.  To the tune of The Greatest Love of All, I suppose because he is The Greatest.  And Jennifer Hudson sings The Impossible Dream, fittingly, beautifully.

Finally, The Secret Life of Bees wins for best movie, and the show is closed as are all these days – with Stevie Wonder.  This show was almost stressful in its speed and coverage of almost every facet of life.

Speaks to how overlooked we were.  In everything.  For so long.

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