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oh these judges.


Jamar [best friend of Danny (whose wife died)] didn’t make it to the top 36 of American Idol.  Danny made it.  Jorge Nunez [with some real shaky vocals] made it.  Tatiana – the most annoying contestant to ever be on the show – made it.

Nobody – nobody – wanted Tatiana to make it.

And Jamar – cool, soulful rocker Jamar – no more.

That ‘Norman Gentle’ dude made it.  Matt and Michael made it.  Not Jamar.

I’m glad Anoop made it, but it won’t be as fun without Jamar.

it begins.

One thought on “oh these judges.

  1. I stopped watching after Anoop made it but WTF, Tatianna and Norman Gentle made it but Jamar didn’t! Jamar’s solo rocked. They must be going for ratings and drama.

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