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personal motivational speaker

That’s what I need for lots of stuff – a personal motivational speaker.  Because this would actually be super-expensive, I take every opportunity that I can get to tell/remind myself how awesome I am.  And yet, I constantly forget.

Crazy how that can happen.

I’m still fighting the same beast at work [a particularly gnarly sample will not run with good accuracy and precision on my AA], and unresolved problems such as these can really get me down.  I actually don’t even wanna talk about it.

But this lack of being able to make something ostensibly simple work is starting to affect me in other parts of my life and I think I’m getting mildly depressed about this crap.

So I need to be shouting my awesomeness from the mountaintops, right now, but I don’t really feel it.  Hence, not a lot of writing.

Oh, and I get to go to the dentist in the morning.  Whee!

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