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new year, new must-see movies

I watched the Super Bowl tonight, because last night I was having fun at a party – oblivious to the fact that today would be the worst day of this new year, thus far.  I don’t really wanna talk about it, as I’ve already told the story at least 10 times today.  Suffice it to say, I am now driving the official car of the first [totally rockin’] season of Heroes: a Nissan Versa.  Thank God for insurance.  We’ll see how things turn out.  But the Versa doesn’t suck – so that’s good.

Anyway, after spending last night singing karaoke and playing with babies, I’m watching what turned out to be a really incredibly awesome game.  The Steelers kick butt for reals!  Down to the last minute, y’all!  And then, amongst all the commercials [which weren’t all that great, really – mostly sexist, I thought], there are trailers for what look like some pretty cool movies.

gi-joe GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra

When I was a little girl, Scarlett was one of the few role models I could get down with.  She-Ra was really more my style, but when playing the inevitable game of pretend GI Joe, she was my go to character.  I didn’t know anything about her, because I never actually watched the cartoon until after I was no longer playing with the action figures.  Checking out the wiki on her I was totally psyched to see this:

She graduated college at age twelve and became the team’s intelligence expert.

It goes on to talk about some sexist crap about how she’s a genius but doesn’t understand dudes being into her beautiful self [typical],  but this is GI Joe.  It just kinda reminds me of when I was a kid, and I’d always have to convince the boys that I [and Scarlett] really could kick their cartoon behinds.  Sexist nostalgia, if you will.

I am PSYCHED to see this movie.  They knocked over the freakin’ Eiffel Tower for this, y’all.

Race to Witch Mountainwitch-mtn

I watched all the other ‘Witch Mountain’ movies that Disney put out, starting with the first freaky piece from 1975.  They’re all about this sister and brother duo that have special powers because they’re – surprise! – aliens.

Not peel-the-skin-off little green men, but naturally human looking aliens.  [well, almost. in the first movies they’re almost abnormally Aryan-looking]

I love Dwayne Johnson, so, I’m happy that I get to see him in something new.  Probably won’t go see this, but still – I will be watching this.

Disney/Pixar V. Dreamworks

Monsters vs. Aliens and Up both look cute.monsters-v-aliensup2 I’m totally a Disney girl, but I think the MvA movie is gonna be good.

So, YAY!

Something to look forward to – it seems there is so little these days.


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