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one season [barely]

msclSometimes, something wonderful happens on tv and everyone catches it as it happens.  Wonderful in one sense or another – there’s surely always some problems, slight or great – but it resonates.  Rarely, I catch a moment of the greatness.  I caught MSCL before the end – watched it again on Mtv – and now own the dvds.

I followed Buffy from the WB to UPN.  Developed an appreciation for Joss Whedon… Stuck with Buffy even through ‘the potentials’.  Though my viewership did get spotty in that last season.

But I’ve always had a soft spot for sci-fi.  So when I caught trailers for a movie that looked amusing/intriguing  – called Serenity – I made a mental note about seeing it.

I mentioned it to a friend of mine and he told me he wanted to see it too – he knew some background about it.  It was based on a tv show.  I didn’t worry about it.  We ended up seeing the movie and I loved it as a standalone.  Didn’t really think much about the show.

Then I ended up moving, to a small town, and my internet usage grew exponentially.  I got into LJ, found my college roommate [or she found me] and noticed that she made a reference to some show called Firefly.  Blog to blog, I jumped around my corner of this series of tubes and noted the references to this show.

dr-horribleWatched Dr. Horrible last year, as the writer’s strike left us all feenin for something. [I still don’t know if it was for that, but it was still a mite enjoyable.  I love my NPH.]

And I finally realized that I have Netflix and Firefly is available on DVD.  I’ve just watched the last of it, and I”m a little sad.  Sad that I missed it as it was happening [it came on Friday nights and I didn’t have DVR, or even a clue it was on anyway].  Sad that so few episodes were made.  Sad that such a story was cut so short.  MSCL made it for a full season, just about, and I always felt like it ran its race.  Sure, I watched those epis over and over as they played on MTV for 2? more years?  But that was it.  Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano were emblazoned in my mind; I replayed the handcuffs episode countless times – seeing as how it *ALWAYS* makes me laugh; I moved on.

Firefly didn’t get as much of a chance as MSCL.  Deserved it as much or more.  I’m just glad I got the chance to see it.


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