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a look back: year one

this makes 1

Can you even believe it’s been a year?  Last year this time, I was fed up with the writer’s strike and had been reading a bunch of different blogs.  I’d been thinking about starting one of my own for a while – not exactly new to the territory, since I’d been on OD for a couple years [but all that’s gone now], LJ for a few [still up]…bouncin’ around the internet, really.  I finally decided to take the plunge – thinking that it would be rare that I’d ever write anything anyone else would want to read.  And that turned out to be kind of true.  It seems, though, that I have my moments when it comes to picking entry titles.

Top Posts

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mia michaels is a freakin’ genius
annie, are you ok?
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Sydney White: What makes a ‘Good’ Woman?
the shy one

The ‘hey mickey’ post is getting crazy hits from the number 1 search term: toni basil.  Again I ask – what is up? But I just wanna celebrate a year out the gate: I’m still doin’ it.   Happy blogiversary to me!


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