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my new resolution? sleep in

I’m a total night person.  My general MO is to go to bed around midnight [or maybe a lil later: 1-ish] and then (unfortunately) have to get up for work around 7:15 in the morning.  Because God, in his infinite wisdom, saw fit to give me a day off in the middle of the week, I was able to sleep until I woke up this morning – around 10.  (so lovely)

I’d love to work a schedule that allowed me to come in at 9 or even 10 in the morning, but then I’d just have to stay later in the evening.  That’d screw up my Fridays during the winter, cuz the sun sets so early.  [Otherwise, I’d totally go for it.]  But you know what?  My schedule is my schedule – and it works for me.  I can’t go to bed early – I’ve tried.  The only way I can get to sleep so early is if I’m sick.

And here’s some more news:

1 // You may need more sleep than you think.
Research[ers]…found that people who slept eight hours and then claimed they were “well rested” actually performed better and were more alert if they slept another two hours…

2 // Night owls are more creative.
Artists, writers, and coders typically fire on all cylinders by crashing near dawn and awakening at the crack of noon…

3 // Rising early is stressful.
The stress hormone cortisol peaks in your blood around 7 am. So if you get up then, you may experience tension…

So catch your zzz’s, people!  This might finally be a resolution I can keep.  I’ve never made one of those.

Happy New Year!

these things were popping around my house all night

these things were popping around my house all night - I slept anyway


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