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heroes: baby steps

It took an entire first half of a season to get to this point.  ***Spoilers Coming***  The second half promises to be exceedingly better [with the bar so low, how hard could it be?] with ‘Chapter 4: Fugitives’.  Sylar mixed it all up tonight, going after the Bennett’s and Mama Petrelli – but mostly it was a psych-attack on Claire[Bear].

Nathan and Peter got this whole bro-on-bro thing going on.  I hate it, cuz I’m not into the Petrellis at all.

knoxMohinder has finally been cured of this skin rash.  But Knox is gone.  Freakin’ Tracy.  I hate her.  I loved Knox.  He was the cute boy with good skin this season.

I’m kinda pissed that they’re gonna bring back Micah, so he can be a fugitive.  The fact that Nathan wants to round up everybody with “abilities” [for some reason, it really grates on my nerves that they always call them ‘abilities’ instead of powers…like they wanted it to sound more accessible, but by overusing the word, they just made it sound dorky] is reminiscent of X-men.  I wonder if he’ll have any folks with abilities helping with the work. [‘One of Us, One of Them’ style].

And since Sylar can’t possibly be dead in a fire, I wonder if that shard of glass might be worked loose by falling debris or something.  He’s in a tight race with Hiro and Ando for my fave character on the show.

And about Hiro – he doesn’t have his powers anymore, but does he have a little glimmer of power?  Could Ando make it grow with his new ability?  [Seemed like it took Daphne a while to figure out she’d gone back in time.  Why was this such a surprise?  I thought about her being able to go back in time, prior to Ando’s ‘supercharge’ ability.  Weren’t we all aware of how Superman flew against the rotation of the Earth for a while so he could turn back time, that one time?  Where are Breckin Mayer and Seth Green (our comic book store heroes) when we need them?]

And finally, Peter took the shot.  Can he only fly, or does taking the shot after one has already lost ‘abilities’ restore the ones that have been lost?  Do those who were heroes already have a predisposition to the ability they already had?  Is there another shot out there for Hiro, just in case the supercharge from Ando doesn’t work?

and he Sings!

and he Sings!

Ok…that wasn’t final – this is final:  YAY!  Ando has an ‘ability’!!! [see how obnoxious that word gets with overusage?]  All those for the Ando/Sylar fan club line up behind me!

For all my talk this season, Heroes finally made good.  Pretty much.  The odds aren’t great – 2 out of 12?  But still, The second half looks good,a nd I’m willing to give them a shot.  It’s just kinda sux that it’s gonna take until February to see the next installment when the story was finally getting GOOD.   C’est la vie.


2 thoughts on “heroes: baby steps

  1. I love Ando so I’m glad he has a power. I used to love Hiro but his character has been completely emasculated since the season started, same with Mohinder being a full time dumb ass. I’m glad evil Sylar is back and wish they hadn’t killed Knox. They always bring back the white characters so I’m sure Sylar is still alive and Knox is permanently gone.

  2. I really wonder why everyone hates Ali Larter’s triple character? She was one of my favorites in Volume 1! And I’m glad Micah is going to be back. Thanks for the tidbit, I hadn’t read up on it!
    I totally saw the Daphne going back in time thing too – but my question is, how does she come back? By running backwards? Lol! Then again, we are accepting a show about people with ‘abilities’ (you’re right, it is annoying) so I’m going to let that one go (although I’d like there to be an explanation…)
    I also reviewed this episode and I’d love to have your feedback! http://saharsblog.wordpress.com/2008/12/16/review-heroes-volume-3-episode-13/ if you have a minute 🙂

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