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the destruction of heroes

don't look directly at this

don't look directly at this

For a moment, I was given hope that Claire might die.  Instead, I’m watching really crappy father-daughter bonding.  I love Sendhil but Mohinder is officially THE character to hate.

And – folks – you can’t look directly at an eclipse, ok?!!

Best line?  “Why are you turning your head sideways?  What’s your problem, son?”

I had to watch tonight because of the eclipse.  But it’s killing me.

Hiro’s still a child, and Parkman’s useless.  The Petrelli brothers are in freaking Haiti and still calling the guy they’re looking for “the Haitian”.  Every-single-body is freaking STOOPID.

Oooooooh, Seth Green!  Yay!

I know Seth Green has been in all kinds of foolishness, but I love him.  LUV him.  Sucks it’s only a cameo.

Anyhoo, it’d be so great if the show could totally change and Vortex man came back to suck HRG, the cheerleader, and all the Petrellis into a vortex.  It’s only fair.  He should get to come back because it’s opposite day.

Sucks that this epi is just part one.  This Tim Kring fellow seems determined to run this series into the ground.  But I totally can’t wait for the Racialicious recap.


2 thoughts on “the destruction of heroes

  1. Claire and Noah together drove me nearly insane. 😦 Simply because she annoys me to no end. I replied to comments on the roundtable review at Racialicious. *sigh* I have no expectations anymore, but I will still watch……….’coz I like torturing myself? 😆

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