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the chewy goodness in Chocolate News

Chocolate News is pretty terrible.  The sketches are often full of sad stereotypes and poor attempts at humor, and generally – there just isn’t much in the way of news.  The show’s only 30 minutes – it only airs once a week – why can’t we get more of David Alan Grier in his element – delivering commentary on the actual news?

Like this:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Chocolate News “, posted with vodpod

I only watch the first two minutes of the show – cuz that’s where all the chewy goodness is.  David Alan Grier is actually highly talented, and it kinda hurts to see him in some of the sketches [as previewed in commercials].  I hate to use the word, but, buffoonery comes to mind. I hold out hope that the show will progress into what I’d like it to be, but who knows?  I’m one of the few who even watch.

I think there’s potential for the show to fill a real niche – were it to live up to the 2min intro.  Maybe it’s still early days.  Here’s hoping! [seems to be a lot of that going around…:)]

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