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in support of belief

one moment: We have a black president, ya’ll.
That’s some serious stuff.  All by itself.

Moving on, I have to comment on the injustice that has been legistlated this week.  My mind is almost reeling, cuz I was sure that California [of all places] would be able to defeat a proposition recommending to limit the rights of a select group of people – gay people.  Living where I do, you kinda get the picture that Cali is one big gay sex orgy.  No joke.  So it’s crazy to me that they could scrounge up so much support for an article that restricts the civil rights of gay people.

But then there was a measure in Fl, and another in Az, for similar purposes.  Both passed.

Do people understand this is like saying, basically, “we don’t want gay people living in our state”?  That’s crazy.

smoking hot

smoking hot

Here, I’ll pause with a pic of Cap’n Jack Harkness: Torchwood hot boy who plays bi, but is totally gay.  I just love to look at him.  Good actor, too.

Ok, on to my point, the largest single reason that people give for being against civil rights – pretty much any civil rights, for any group – is religious belief.  God ordained these people to be downtrodden, for whatever reason.

And for some reason, this does not sound ludicrous in people’s heads before they say this stuff out loud.

But you know what?  I’m not just mad at folks for misrepresenting God’s character as someone who is a respecter of persons, I’m pissed cuz they seem to have totally forgotten what America stands for.

America: land of the free*, home of the brave.  This is the place settled by people looking to get out from under the thumb of religio-political rule.  The place where in the midst of truly horrible persecution of indigenous peoples [endorsed by the twisting of religious belief] people continued to seek freedom of and from religion.  Do we have a twisted past?  To quote Ms. Palin – You betcha.

But religion has often encouraged us to think bigger, live better, and bear up those who would otherwise be forgotten.  Our beliefs are wide and varied, but normally we al come back to the unifier for all US citizens.  The fact that we are safe from legislation based on religion that restricts the rights of a select group – when said group is not restricting the rights of others.  See, we restrict the rights of murderers because they eliminae the rights of others to live.  That is a clear demonstration of how our laws are supposed to work [according to the constitution].  Restricting the rights of people who live in pink houses, because someone has a religious belief that pink houses are an abomination?  Obviously foolish.

But two gay people getting married to the person they love infringes on my rights as much as people who live in pink houses.  Less so, even.  And yet here we are.

If people don’t have something/someone to believe in, they fall to themselves.  This tends to lead to situations best illustrated by William Golding, in The Lord of the Flies. The complete breakdown of civility towards those with less power is a human tendency.  America has a rich history of demonstrating it, but also a rich history of struggling to overcome it.

Belief is not inherently bad.  Religion is not inherently good.  But each one must reason for themselves.  The character of God can seem mysterious, but the foundations are evident in the best of everything we can see and do and be.  In simplicity, God is love, and we may live richer lives by basing them on this belief ahead of all others.

(*originally land of the free applied only to white men, then it was expanded to white women in some ways and black men in others, it has expanded futher to include pepole of all races, so long as their gender is clearly defined and their sexuality is strictly hetero.  Although, of course, free still doesn’t mean equal.)


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