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it begins

Be ever vigilant.  I’ve already heard enough comments that they are beginning to snowball into something that causes me some apprehension.  Commentators [black and white] are already making statements about how Obama’s election demonstrates the end of racism in America.

Watching Obama’s victory speech is interesting, because his opening phrase further reiterates sentiments about the ‘American Dream’…sentiments that seems sometimes eerily opposed to affirmative action.

Otherwise – this speech is very good.  And how cute, that the girls are getting a puppy. [Is there always a first pet?]

And then there was the ‘Yes, We Can’ reprise.  This is the audacity of hope.  Hope that we will continue fixing things – and not neglect any of our citizenry, mislabeling one outstanding achievement as heralding the end of discrimination.  Hope that this path we’re on leads to the brighter days we’ve all been wishing for as we entered the dark night of the last few months.

I will say, though, I am most proud, that we now have Michelle Obama as our next first lady.  I’m excited to see how things will unfold.

Best image to remember?  Two skinheads hugging and crying at the McCain rally.

Best Obama effect?  Congressional victories for the Dems. (control of everything: house & senate)

Thing I’d like to know about Obama, just cuz?  Can he sing.

Person at the rally whose brain I’d like to peer inside? Rev. Jesse Jackson.  I can’t really read his expressions.

I gotta go to bed.  Enjoy your evening morning.

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