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hope you voted – I did

I was in and out of my polling place in about 7 minutes.  I went with a book, just in case there was a line, but there was no need.  Every other time I’ve been there to vote, I was either the only person there, or one of two.  But today, I figured more people would be out.  There were.  I had three people in front of me in line!

No matter if your town is big or small, I hope you voted today.

I’m actually more interested in how things turn out for the senate/house, and what happens on Proposition 8 in Cali, than the presidential race.  Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but I feel like Obama has things pretty sewn up.  Guess we’ll all see, in a few hours [or at least by tomorrow].

Enjoy your evening, fellow civic-minded friends!
(it’s easy being Green)


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