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that polonius guy did

Remember in Clueless, when Cher corrects Josh’s gf cuz she gets her source wrong when she says

It’s like Hamlet said – “To thine own self be true”

Well, I feel like that right now.  I’m one of the three people who are watching The Mentalist, on CBS, and tonight, the show referenced Peter and the Wolf.  The mentalist character was trying to see if a mom was really paying attention to kid stuff, and so he asked whether the duck was the flute or the bassoon.

She said bassoon.  (Obviously, wrong.)

When the dude finally does his big unveiling, and tells her how he knew to suspect her [because she answered the Peter and the Wolf question incorrectly] he also gets it wrong.  He says the duck was the flute.  And that the wolf was the bassoon.

Well, I know Peter and the Wolf.  I listened to Sterling Holloway’s narration of DIsney’s version [on record] over and over when I was a kid.  One part I’ll never forget

And Grandpapa was a biiiig bassoon.

Oh, and the duck’s name was Sonia, and was played by an oboe.  Sasha (the bird) was the flute.

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