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I’m just now realizing how big the intersection between politics and race has become.  It’s like a volcano that’s been puffing for awhile, and is getting ready to blow up.  I knew that there were people out there who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a black man [whatever the personal cost to themselves], but I didn’t have the expectation that someone I work with would have the audacity to almost come out and say it – to me.

Yesterday, I and another black female coworker were verbally accosted with rumors of Obama being a terrorist.  This guy that we work with has always raised some red flags with me [TNTC, really, but most glaring were his backwards views about gays], but yesterday took the ever-lovin’ cake.  I had just heard about Palin’s accusation that Obama is friends with a terrorist (Bill Ayers) and hadn’t heard any actual facts about it.  So this guy swoops in on the convo and says that he heard they live next door to each other, and they’re friends, and that guy [Ayers] helped Obama get his house [in that neighborhood], and it’s all true.  Because – and I’m quoting here –

they couldn’t say it on TV if it wasn’t true.


Yeah.  For real.  Then he says to me, “You’ve gotta watch Fox News, see?  They’re the only ones that are actually fair.  They have a Republican and a Democrat on Hannity and Colmes.  See, otherwise, you’re just getting one side of the story.  You gotta watch Fox News!”

I thought he was joking.  Really, I did.  I’d never heard anyone say out loud [not even a Republican, and I’m surrounded by them here] that Fox News actually is fair.  And believe it.  I asked him if he was joking.  He wasn’t.

Then he just kept going – he doesn’t think that America’s ready for a black president.  He thinks that all the white people will just think he’s only going to help black people [I suppose this might be due in part, to the fact that most people expect others to be like themselves and then begin to project their own characteristics on others.  In this way, it can be inferred that those white people that assume Obama would only help blacks would – if they were in a similar position – only help whites.]  He was quick to remind me that he wouldn’t have a problem with a black president – but other people might would.

After I’d had all the nonsense I could take, I went back to my desk.  But our friend continued to pontificate, telling my female coworker that this whole financial meltdown happened because – wait for it – the terrorists helped Obama help black people get houses/mortgages they couldn’t afford, and now – since they’re not paying on them – we’ve got all these problems on Wall Street.

Yup.  I know someone who believes that ish.  Or at the very least, said it out loud.

I’m actually amazed at the lengths that some people will go to, to support their racism.  These folks are deluding themselves, choosing policies that will actually hurt them but they figure they can live with as long as a white guy is running the show.  Wow.  Tell me how much has changed?

I wanted to talk about the whole financial debacle in more depth but it’s getting late…I suppose my basic point was this: how can you possibly suggest/promote new programs, or increase funding for current programs, and discuss the raging deficit – and then say you’re not going to raise taxes?

Where the *hell* would the money come from???

To me, that is why McCain looked like a ninny tonight.  Sixteen years later: It’s still [or once again, actually] the economy, stupid.


5 thoughts on “in the black

  1. I have not given up on voting for Senator Obama completely, but I am on the brink of changing my mind and vote for this man. To me, it would be beneficial socially to have an American, with dark skin, be president, but I am not really sure who Obama actually is.

    The best I can determine is that he is half black and half white, yet tells people he is black. He has written that he began to ignore or deny his white half early in his childhood. He appears to have turned against his full racial heritage and the people who raised him as a youth.

    When I learned that he was a member of a church that followed the precepts of Black Liberation Theology for 20 years, he denied that he ever listened to his minister for 20 years and did not hold to the separatist views of the BLT movement. Just like he denied his being half white, he had no problem denying his 20 year association with his church and religion and walking away.

    Now I find that the organization that Obama points to, as where he gained his experience as a Community Organizer, has been and is now corrupting the voting process in America. As the Senator says so often, Enough is Enough. And I truly wish he would be CLEAR about who he really is or really believes as a human being.

    I am beginning to feel that Senator Obama does not share Dr. King’s dream for total social integration. I am not sure of his agenda; however, I am not concerned because he is likely to change his agenda when necessary for his personal advancement. I feel Obama’s true loyalty is to his self only.

    So I am watching Fox News, CNN News, various network news, drudge report, BBC news, etc., and trying to learn as much as possible before I fully commit to voting for the dark skinned Senator rather than the light skinned Senator.

  2. OMG – I just had a conversation with my friend last nite about how the perception being portrayed in the media is that poor black(and brown) people getting into homes they couldn’t afford is the reason the economy is in the tank. This makes me soo livid! No one points fingers at the upper middle class folks that bought extra homes to ‘flip’ but then just walked away from when the tides turned.

    oh – and you gotta love those white people at work that say the most ridiculous things. i call them hasselbeckites. LOL i had my own story about one last week that i blogged about.

  3. OMG, your friend at work sounds like a real azzhat. If I ever heard anybody at work saying anything as stupid as “the terrorists helped Obama help black people get house/mortgages they couldn’t afford” I would definitely have to shut him down. You and your coworker are far too kind in humoring his ignorance. As far as the whole Fox news thing, that’s a bit over-played as every news network has both good and bad reporting on it. Sean Hannity is quite posiibly the worst and most biased (and ignorant) reporter that I have ever seen or heard in my life. How Alan Colmes resists strangling him is actually one of the greatest acts of charity (or perhaps stupidity) that I have ever seen. We all definitely need to at least try and watch different news programs at different times on different networks. We can be fair even if the networks are not.


  4. I don’t care if Obama is three shades of pomegranate, he is the only reasonable choice. Race has nothing to do with it in my book.

    He is the only one fighting for unions, workers, the middle class, health care, etc. McCain is a moron and if anyone brings up terrorist to me I make a direct point to Bush and Cheney, who btw, McCain boasted in the early part of his campaign that he voted and supported 97% of the time “more so than any other republican”. Talk about extremist religions and I point to Ms. Palin, who frankly, scares the crap out of me.

    I do not understand how anyone who works for a living can even consider McCain.

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