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the obama channel (?!?)

because there is one.  There is an Obama channel on my tv.  Seriously.  It’s labeled that.

I have Dish Network, and channel 73 is actually labeled OBAMA.  Like channel 105 is labeled USA, and 118 is labeled A&E.  Looking ahead on the guide, this channel will be a paid Obama advertisement continuously [24/7] at least until October 14th.

Somehow, this just feels wrong.

I can’t imagine how much money that costs, but I know there’re myriad ways in which it could have been better spent.  My mind remains boggled that he actually has his own channel.

It seems like it’s just a loop about his economic plan that keeps replaying.  I wonder if this $700 billion bailout will affect his economic plan promises for no new taxes on the middle class, though.  No telling, but I’m sure there’ll be some kind of question about that in the next debate, this week.

But I’m still just weirded out that this dude actually has his own channel.  Has this ever even happened before?  Wow.  [When do Democrats get this kind of money?]

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