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hooray for the comeback!

one giant step for BritBrit

one giant step for BritBrit

Tonight was Britney’s night.  Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, Video of the Year – all for Piece of Me.  It’s good to see her on the way back up.

Performances were excellent and underwhelming, depending on whether you were Kanye West or the Jonas Brothers [ugh].

I don’t know who Russell Brand is, but MTV has been floundering with the VMAs for the last few years, this was another dud, IMO.

Russell made fun of the Jonas Brothers’ promise rings [you know, no sex til marriage, True Love Waits™ style] and kinda railed a bit long about it.  Long enough for Jordin Sparks to join the fray, before introducing TI, by saying

It’s not bad to wear a promise ring cuz not everybody – guy or girl- wants to be a slut.

This, while John Legend [her copresenter/introducer – whatever] gave a sideways glance and then flashed both hands to ensure everyone knows that he wears no rings [promise or otherwise].  [Frankly, I think Jordin was cool for standing up for what she believes in…jury’s still out on the slut comment]

That’s about all the drama for this set of awards – Yay for Britney!

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