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what it’s like: outnumbered

I live in Anytown, the South, USA.  Living here can be nice – low crime, folks are friendly, quiet life, cheap(er) gas.  But sometimes small towns give rise to small minds.  And biting my tongue becomes a habit.  I am not one to try to educate everyone I’m around, all the time.  It wouldn’t be effective anyway, as most people don’t want to listen to a know-it-all.  [not that I know it all by any means.]

I have some knee-jerk reactions – like when the one guy at work says he was talking to an Oriental girl, and before he’s barely gotten the words out I say “Asian” on autopilot (Walter told the Dude back in ’98 – shouldn’t everybody have gotten the memo by now?) – but generally, I pick my battles.

I’m more of a peace-loving girl, and I’d rather not get in fights with people at work, so I tend to keep my politics to myself.  People have a general idea of where I stand, but I don’t jump into discussions.  Partly because being located in Podunk usually means that Old South political ideas prevail.  I’ve never lived here during an election before, and it’s challenging.  It does my heart good, though, to know that at least my vote will cancel out one of theirs.  I’m under no illusions that my state could possibly go Blue, but at least I can add to the fight.

So today, when my coworker who is the closest to a Democrat [being a Yankee, and all, it’s expected] besides myself, asked a question about the investigation into Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial request to have someone fired [being denied, and then summarily firing the dude who balked at firing – tho she says that’s not the reason he was canned] the Republicans at the table started getting all huffy.  “I have some family members that if I was in a position to get them fired – I would.”  That was one response.  Another said, “Oh, you can bet it’s just another mountain out of a molehill, like always.” [or something to that effect]

When the shoe’s on the other foot and Hillary and Obama are in the news, everybody takes turns bashing the Dems.  Talking about how they have no experience, bringing up irrelevant conjecture [still trying to decide whether Obama is a “secret Muslim” or not.  Although, since it is Ramadan right now, if you guys see him eating anything during the day, that oughta give you a sign, right?]  It’s just frustrating.

For some reason, political slicing and dicing of candidates is fair game – as long as it’s not the grand ol’ boys’ party.  And even with Palin on the ticket, it’s still just that.  It should come as no surprise that dudes find her totally acceptable but the ladies are less than impressed.

So I guess I’m just venting some frustration, since it’s better to do here than at my job.  If I just had one other person to commiserate with it wouldn’t be so bad, but my Yankee buddy is a flip-flopper.  😉

Can’t wait til November 4th.

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