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the feeling that comes

Photo by Jackson Solway

Photo by Jackson Solway

Yesterday folks at work talked about Obama’s speech [which I hadn’t yet watched].  Apparently Oprah mentioned that she cried a great deal during the speech.  No one could understand why people would be crying.

I caught up on the DNC this wknd [the parts that I wanted to watch from PBS] and while I didn’t cry, I can certainly understand anyoe who may have been overcome by emotion.

In fact, I think my own tears may have been averted due to the fact that I was trying to keep my mind on the present.  Any person who starts thinking about the American legacy, the anniversary of Dr. King’s dream, has got to be touched.  But any person who has experienced what life can be like for a person of color, considering the history, you can expect some tears.

IMO, that really tells more about the people I work with.

For me, no matter the politics, the nomination is worthy of note and celebration, and I wish the family well.  I will be very happy to see a family that looks more like mine (not exactly, but more).


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