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Speidi crashes the party

Because The Hills is about drama.  It’s Steph’s bday party and how would it be if there wasn’t a good clash between LC’s crew and Speidi?

Lo looks so old, but I’m likin’ her more these days.  Lo’s always saying just what she thinks.  [“The people who matter get along.” Ha! “I’m glad we talked.” HA!]  Audrina’s definitely coming off bad in these first two episodes.  And she seems a tad too vapid to be able to redeem herself.  What a shame.

Meanwhile, Kelly Cutrone is SO wanting to get a ton of publicity from this show.  It’s kinda hilarious how obvious it is.  And we all coulda predicted that girl getting fired, and Whitney getting her job.  I kinda feel like I’d like a bicoastal life – at least for a little while.  Maybe it’d get old, I dunno.

As for Stephanie – is LC the only one who doesn’t know she’s transparent?  At the end of the day, she’s Spencer’s sister.  That’s one thing Spencer has right.

I definitely like that Brody left the moment Speidi got to the party, he may be kinda lame, but at least he has a personality.  This Doug fellow is like a dead fish.  No personality.  Yawn.

Anyway, I’m having a party of my own tomorrow night, so I gotta get some sleep.


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