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the company that comes

Cuz I admit that I am into the Hills.

famous. for no reason.

famous. for no reason.

It’s the premiere, tonight, and I am loving it.  Trash tv at it’s finest, ‘the Hills’ is a little piece of what’s wrong with America and I love it too much to quit.  Sad, but true.

(Note the vacant look in Whitney’s eyes.  As though there is nothing behind them.  And you thought it wasn’t a candid shot.)

Tonight, LC’s decided to throw a bday party for Audrina to try to smooth things over with her and Lo.  Everyone except LC knew this wasn’t going to work.  For some reason my sister loves Lo.  [I think it goes back to the Laguna days, and I don’t go that far back with the show, so I don’t get it.]  Lo gets on my nerves though.  The editing makes it look like she’s just being rude to Audrina [who, in Lo’s defense, is a bit of a dimbulb – evidenced by her continued dalliance with the now-famous Justin-Bobby].

In the villain arc, Heidi’s sister comes to town, just as Spencer’s moved back in to the apartment.  I will never understand why anyone would want to be with Spencer…other than money I suppose [which Heidi doesn’t seem to need].  He is the opposite of attractive, in my opinion.  [Sometimes I throw up a little in my mouth when I see him.]  Anyway, Heidi’s sister comes to spend some time in LA and heeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Spencer!  ::shudder::  Not the welcome, I think she had in mind.  She tries to be delicate, but ends up with a very thinly veiled comment about how Spencer is cutting Heidi off from her friends and family.

Best moment so far?  The break, where the VJ du jour [I don’t know her name] talks to Heidi’s sister (Holly) live, and mentions Spencer’s rudeness.  Holly stumbles all over herself trying to be diplomatic.  Cuz we all know Heidi’s all into him…and they’re supposed to be getting married and everything.

As much as I like this show…I can’t do this 6th grade BS between Lo and Audrina.  Because I seriously lived this crap.  In the 6th grade.  Ok.  Well.  Not me personally.  But I watched all this crap go down when I was in the 6th grade.  To the point where these girls got permission [I do not even know how this worked] to get out of class and sit in the hall and talk about their feelings.  It was like – 6 of them.  And I think it was all about some birthday party that some of them got invited to and some didn’t.

So, now we see, Audrina’s the one who’s the actual *beep*.  “We’re never gonna be friends.”

This season looks like it’s gonna be good.  Best real life soap opera ever.

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