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ok. no cool title. I just love dance.

Opening with a Shane Sparks routine hopefully foreshadows more great things to come.  This is what hip-hop IS, y’all.  Cool that the judges are all back – nice to see Debbie Allen again, but we need to bring Shane Sparks back to the show for good.  ABDC is kinda sucking right now anyway…

Woo!  Nigel’s 1st fave is the Bollywood number by Katee and Joshua.  I don’t remember every move from the first time they did it, but i feel as though tonight it’s even better.  WAY better than the group piece they did with everyone.  Josh and Katee really should be the top two this year.

And Mary’s fave is Courtney and Gev’s rumba.  So anyway, where is Sabra, y’all?  I haven’t seen anything from her this year – and she was freakin’ awesome!

The Pop-Off is a little bit awesome, y’all.  I kinda love them.  But I think I’m leaning toward Philip.  Robert is actually kinda freaky to me, and Philip’s smoothness made it look like he has no bones.  But both of these guys should be in commercials or something.

Adam’s fave is Dave Scott’s choreography for what we now know is an extended Wrigley’s commercial with Twitch and Comfort [who, btw, was on FIRE in the opening Shane Sparks piece].

Lil C’s pick is ‘Bleeding Love’ by TabNap and Chelsie and Mark.  I really like Chelsie.  Really a lot.  She’s all heart up there.  I like her hip hop a lot, too.

But uh, what is this?  Mary Murphy dancing?  I couldn’t not look…but…that was weird.  But good.  In a way.  I think if Mary had gotten a different dress it would’ve been better.  How weird for her to be dancing with Dmitry, too.

Katee and Will are incredible.  The pas de deux was incredible.  This season really has been the best in choreography.

Sonya’s take on ‘The Garden’ with Courtney and Mark still has SO much flavor.  What a suck to follow the pas de deux, tho.

1st out? Courtney.  Woo! [next should be Twitch]

One of this things about this show that really getrs me is how it really works. Dancers visibly improve as the show continues, and the top 5 guys doing ‘Five Guys Named Moe’ are much better than when they first performed it.  I totally forgot Nigel choreographed that.

Criss Angel is a whole nother animal…as is, apparently, this piece by Wade Robson.  Just what is his Vegas show?  I thought he was a magician.  I liked the work, though.  Cirque is awesome.

2nd out? MF-er. Effing piece of crap.  NO!  She deserves to be at least 2nd [if not 1st].  Folks, Twitch is my hunnybunny but uh – he better not win.  It better be Joshua.

Oh HOT.  Prize for top boy and top girl.  Katee gets 50Gs.  WOO! I could totally be consoled with 50Gs.

I luh Debbie Allen.  And she is doing great work with her Academy, and the kids are awesome.  Nigel’s better than I thought – though he’s also extremely cheesy.  That dude is a ham.

I did love Mia’s piece with the door.  Katee and Twitch.  La la – I love it.

I don’t believe in the Jonas Brothers.  This is when I thank God for DVR and the fast forward button.

Twitchington!  The Viennese Waltz that Jean-Marc did.  This piece really is beautiful.  And I like Kherington.  It’s too bad she couldn’t’ve held on longer.

And the last piece?  No Air.  I don’t have the words.

And the top SYTYCD’ers?  Love ’em!  Donyelle’s working with Shane Sparks?  AWESOME!  Lauren’s working with MC? hrm??  Benji, Benji, Benji!  [but, er, uh, where was Sabra?]

Thanks for listenin’ to me y’all.  We voted, and Joshua is the new winner!  Love goes out to ya Josh!  Live life!  Be it – Do it!


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