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2 hip-hoppers in the finale? what!

Twitch and Courtney open the show by taking us to ‘Church’ [T-Pain].  Tabitha and Napoleon choreographed this and it was ok.  The story of it was pretty good, considering Courtney plays a genius ‘deranged girlfriend’.  Best move?  When Twitch is on his hands [like, backwards], and Courtney climbs/walks across his body.  Awesome.

Courtney’s interview reminded me that she’s from Long Island.  Best part?  Her father saying ‘thereaftah’ in a video clip.  Her solo wasn’t her best, though.  She’s had better.  But how old is she?  20?  Wow – I thought she was younger [from her video].

Courtney’s not my fave girl.  If a girl wins, I want Katee.  I really don’t find Courtney “inspirational”.   I find Twitch and Joshua’s stories much more inspirational.

Katee and Joshua!!!  Wade Robson gives them a ‘love is hard work’ piece.  “Josh is my boo.” (Katee)  My heart is ripped from my chest with this piece.  John Mayer’s ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’ is a great song.  I’ve loved it since I got the cd.  So I was connected to this.  And I loved this work.  Katee and Joshua are meant to be.  They should go on tour together – just them.  I can’t even pick out everything I loved about this.  AAAAHHHH!!!  [a la Mary]

Next up? Tyce, Broadway, and Katee and Courtney.  Clang.  Clang.  Clunk.  Clang #1 – cute outfits/cute story.  Clang #2 – great choreographer.  Clunk – the juxtaposition of Katee and Courtney starkly demonstrates the difference in talent.  Nigel thinks that no one else noticed – I’m no expert, but I noticed.

Twitch is my heart.  I don’t want him to win, but I love to see him tonight.  His favorite piece was the Viennese Waltz that was for Jean Marc’s daughter.  If Twitch was a politician he would win on that.  His solo is pretty cool, most of what we’re used to seeing from him – well-choreographed, etc.  But I felt like he got a little ahead of the music, right at the end.  Usually, though, Twitch’s solos are the best choreographed of anybody.

Twitch and Joshua have a chance to do a battle, and it’s a Russian dance by Youri Nelzine.  Huh?  Yeah.  I know.  And then I watched it.  At Joshua’s first jump up in the air, my mouth dropped open.  And stayed open.  These guys are ridic.  Pure life.  Unbelievable.  I don’t have words to really say what I want to say, here.  yabba dabba doo.  AACK!

Katee’s interview ~ y’all know they shouldn’t have given her all that grief about saying she wasn’t gonna come back.  Folks have to have careers or something to fall back on – right?  People have to live.  Yay, Katee!  Wow.  Contemporary dancers LOVE Imogen Heap, don’t they?  Her solo was kind of all over the place for me, but I love her when she’s choreographed.  Her earlier solos were much more powerful than those that have been more recent.

Twitch and Katee’s foxtrot was lovely, and I loved the lift.  Katee’s work was flawless [which goes without saying] and they were great together.  But uh…now I am screaming in my house.  Because he just said ‘The name’s Bond.  James Bond.’ and I am ready for a black James Bond, ok????  [We need to start a conversation about that, because why in the world do we not have a serial black spy hero?]

I’m going crazy.  This is SO my fave show.

I can see Josh doing well at whatever he puts his mind to.  Thank God he chose dance.  Luh dat boy.  And his behonkus really is something.  But I feel for all the untrained dancers coming on the show after him – cuz uh, who can live up to that?

Courtney and Joshua are doing the jive to close the show.  Er.  But I love Josh saying, “Can we practice it with people who know how to do it first?”  Out the gate, I HATE Courtney’s outfit.  But otherwise, this piece is pretty good.  It’s a very challenging routine, but it’s not my fave.  The choreographer seemed to have just kinda slammed a bunch of jive stuff together, but it was blech to me.  I have no idea about whether they could’ve done it better, but Nigel seems to think so.  Eh.  Whatev.

I am ready for the final four dancing together.  Mia Michaels choreographs [this is what she’s good at] – let’s see what’s up.  What kind of weird mess was that?  I don’t know, sometimes this contemporary stuff goes too deep for me.  I can’t get all that esoteric stuff.  It was just strange to me.  I think Twitch may have looked better in this piece because of his height.  And I think he had a little more time to recover than Joshua had.  I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to not get this piece.

Alright folks – vote Joshua! IV Real.


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