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a week away from glory

Unbelievably to me, Mark has impressed me doing the Viennese waltz.  He and Courtney did a good job, but i felt like Mark was the star of this piece.  He looked incredibly professional to me, even with the few moments that weren’t stellar.  I hate to like this piece, because I want him going home tomorrow night.

Chelsea’s the first ballroom dancer to really capture my attention during a solo.

But Twitch still has my heart.  I have to meet this man.  Wish I had a screenshot of Cat wearing the gold fronts.

Katee + Joshua = ♥  + Contemporary + Tyce? ♥  ♥  ♥
It’s like they have only one body.  They’re unbelievable.  [But is Katee wearing a wig? that’s weird.]  I loved this.  LOVED it.

Wow – a bunch of other choreographers are there, too…Paula Abdul, Gillian Lynne.

But I’m terrified that Joshua’s had some secret training.  He’s so awesome.  ::crossing fingers::  hope not.  I hate to second guess his phenomenal skill.

Twitch and Chelsie doing the mambo.  What an unlikely pair.  Chelsie is totally ballroom and awesome in her genre Twitch is swimming in a sea of mambo and just trying to keep his head above water.  He definitely did well – considering.

Katee’s solo was …not-so-much-great.  Gotta vote for her tonight.  Her and Twitch.

Josh’s solo is awesome, in keeping with his awesome-ness.

Courtney and Mark pull jazz, which I think is so much them. Especially with this choreographer: Sonya.  The song is what put it over the top: The Garden by Mirah.  Once again, I’m heartsick, because this is freakin’ awesome.

Paso Doble.  I thought this think was gonna be hard.  But can two people win?  Katee and Joshua both need to win.  This was incredible.  Joshua is testosterone to the 3rd power in this.  Bananas.

Courtney really does have a good solo here, so I’m thinking I’ve really gotta pull it out for Katee and Twitch…and Joshua [just in case].

What kind of dancing does Mark do?  What is that stuff?  Strange.

Another Tabitha and Napoleon number for Twitch and Chelsie and the oddest version of Janet Jackson’s ‘Control’ I have ever heard.  Strange, but good.

****can we just take a moment to talk about how the judges refer to hip-hop and Tabitha and Napoleon’s  choreography?  Every time T&N have a piece on the show the judges talk about how they’ve made hip-hop ‘intelligent’, or ’emotional’, ‘sweet’, ‘touching’…WHATEVER.  Hip-hop is whatever it wants to discuss.  T&N are not groundbreaking.  Hip-hop has been intelligent, emotional, sweet, touching from the beginning.  The dancing interprets the music – whatever it is.  So I am t i r e d of all this hailing of T&N as the folks that have finally made hip-hop “accessible”.  You know what they made it?  Soft.  Contemporary.  Jazz.  But rarely hip-hop.  Let’s bring back Dave Scott.  Better yet – go tackle Shane Sparks and drag his behind back to this show – SYTYCD needs him!****

Gotta go vote.

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