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hey mickey – can you dance?

Toni Basil is guest judge this week, because -apparently- everyone else is on vacation.

Opening with Will and Courtney doing the samba was interesting.  I kinda felt like they weren’t really getting down into it, but it was fun to watch.  Some places, it was almost like they were posing.  But all-in-all, ok.

Comfort’s solo was quite lovely [though I hated her interview piece, beforehand].  I’ve heard rumors of folks saying that Sara [from last season] was better, and I have to pull out my Whitney on that: Hell-to-tha-naw!  Sara was cute, but she didn’t have it like Comfort.  Straight up.

Woo!  Katee and Twitch dancing together to a contemporary Mia Michaels piece.  Well, hush my mouth.  Wow.  Most definitely – as Nigel said – “One of the most entertaining pieces [they’ve] ever had on this show!”  I’m kinda sorry that Katee was sucking face [like – SO hard] with my man, but otherwise, I cannot imagine how any piece could rank higher on my fave list tonight.

Will got started in dance because of ‘Dirty Dancing’.  Seriously?  Seriously.  But the boy is cute.  And that is definitely the most imaginative solo in the history of me watching this show.  Wig and all.

Comfort and Mark are doing a Tabitha and Napoleon hip-hop piece.  Really good song choice with Party People. Choreography was o-kay.  Nigel’s comment about Comfort being better with choreography, I don’t agree.  In fact, I’m getting the impression that the judges don’t understand hip-hop.  As

Katee’s solo was well-executed but boring.  Cute that she started in dance due to a habit of tip-toeing everywhere.

Josh and Chelsie are doing Argentine Tango and Disco.  I am so sorry for them.  Dmitry’s choreographing.  I’m not quite comfortable with the continued references to Joshua’s behind.  But I thought he did an excellent job.  Joshua is translating through every genre with panache.  And the chemistry was there – I didn’t know if it would be.

Mark got into dance because of Phantom of the Opera.  Not surprised.  But his solo was awesome tonight!  Best since his audition, I think.

Courtney and Will.  “slow hip-hop”  by Tabitha and Napoleon.  I didn’t like this.  There were too many moments when they weren’t in sync.  The partnering that the judges are referencing was flat-out ugly to me.  I can’t believe that this is the first time that hip-hop is causing [white] people to “feel something”.  Aaack!  I can’t listen to Toni Basil keep saying ‘street’ anymore, either.

Chelsie’s been doing ballroom forever and she’s really good at it – kinda sux that it’s not one of those genres that translates well to solos.  But it’s cool that she chose ‘Damaged‘ as her song.

Twitch and Katee do Broadway with Tyce – ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’.  I don’t know why, but I love Katee’s idiot dance.  And I loved this routine.  It was fun, energetic, and spoke to the story of the song very well.  Once again – I love Twitch.  Katee’s good, too [but I don’t want to make babies with her].  Wonderful piece, from beginning to end.

—I just got a text from a work friend who asked: How many more times will Toni say organic and street?—


Joshua started by moonwalking down the hall in 3rd grade.  The solo was cute, but generally speaking, I just don’t think there’s enough time to communicate everything.

Courtney took dance since she was a kid and her solo didn’t do anything for me.

Twitch, from Montgomery, Alabama, has been in music videos in South Korea and just won my heart with his solo.  Best solo of the night, IMO.

And now for the requisite scream: BLARGH!  My dvr cut off the rest of the show.  I’m beside myself, and now I’ve gotta go back through to find which numbers to call for Twitch and Joshua.

Let me know what I missed.

One thought on “hey mickey – can you dance?

  1. I love the opening with Will and Courtney as well. The two of them did great. I missed the one with Twitch and Katee though. I like Twitch as well, too bad I missed it.

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