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yes, yes, y’all

Jessica’s out with broken ribs and Comfort’s back in her place. And all the couples have been busted up. And the judges no longer get to choose who’s out. And folks are being voted for individually. So it’s a week of change. But I’m ready.

Out the gate it’s Joshua and Courtney doing a hip hop routine from Dave Scott – whose vision greatly surpasses Tabitha & Napoleon, if this piece is any indication. The humor, the story, the vibe, the song – all perfectly chosen and conveyed. Joshua shines like gold in this piece. Courtney tried. She didn’t suck. But this is Joshua’s genre and obviously not hers. Her popping was not popping. She had great expressions, though, and moved with Josh really well. Unless something bad happens, or everyone else just slam dunks it, she’ll be safe this week. Joshua? He should stay for quite some time.

Chelsie’s up with the 1st solo of the evening. She does remarkably well considering that I find ballroom somewhat dull, and even more so when there’s only one person performing. So, good luck to her.

Next up, Twitchington is no more. Kherington pulled Mark out of the hat, and they’ve been tasked with a country two-step. Evidently this involves a lot of spinning. A lot. Wow. I’d have liked to see this done by folks more familiar with the genre. Cuz they seemed to try to focus on the technical but the technical level was really high and they weren’t up to it. This was rough. But brave face.

Gev is full of tricks in his routine. I wasn’t sure if he actually completed one or not, but it was interesting. I could see him being in danger.

Comfort and Twitch? 2 clowns? How can I watch them do a serious smooth waltz? I actually laughed out loud at one point. Their footwork is certainly not great. As this is not a comfort zone for either of them. But, eh. Them being paired together for a smooth waltz was basically a kiss of death. The lift was cool. And as Nigel said – at least it’s over.

Courtney’s solo was enough to save her. Definitely. Full of passion, awesome work.

I was just talking to my sister about who should be paired with Will now. Katee was the only person I really thought might be able to hang. So here we are, checking out Katee and Will in a Tyce number that thrills the soul. This was fantastic. Utterly. Katee totally lived up to Will, here. Both of them were awesome. Fave part? Those leg extensions on the sides of the boat ~ brilliant.

Mark chose a very strange section of Bohemian Rhapsody to do his solo. And he started really slow. I think this might be his week to go. And he’s such a cutie. Oh well.

love this guy

Chelsie and Gev are interestingly paired. Chelsie’s taller than Gev, but not by that much. Sonya Tayeh is doing a contemporary piece for them, and I think they may be able to pull this off. Chelsie was completely into the dance and the character. She was on top of it. Gev did a good job and did pull it off. Weaker than Chelsie, but still there.

Comfort is the best female hip hopper I’ve seen…certainly on the show.

And Twitch’s solo only reminded me how much I love him. Love him. His seems to have been the best planned/most practiced. Very well-timed.

Courtney and Joshua + Rumba (Jean Marc). I guess I’d always been under the impression was one of those ballroom dances where you dance around with your partner, like all those other ones – like tango, or something. These guys nailed the chemistry.

Katee’s solo was lovely, and I do love Maxwell’s ‘This Woman’s Work’ [although it always makes me think about what the song is really about.]

The jazz with Mark and Kherington wasn’t great. Wasn’t lousy. I think this is actually a really bad pairing, too. Sadly, I’m thinking, Mark is out.

Will’s “Dance With My Father” was lovely, and I’m totally voting for him and Twitch to make sure they stay.

Certainly the only thing that could’ve saved Twitch and Comfort was a hip hop routine, and Dave delivered. They were unbelievable! In that they didn’t seem phased by the critiques from the beginning. They snapped this sucker out, to Chris Brown’s ‘Forever’ [a perfect choice for some ‘buck’ choreography].

Kherington’s solo was weak. And she needed it to be strong, as she and Mark haven’t been doing so hot.

Pas de deux + Katee & Will + Imagine [by David Archuleta? really?] + Desmond Richardson. My favorite piece of the night.

We’re in the zone now, Josh’s solo – MJ’s JAM [remember Jordan in the vid?] – I LOVED it! Only other solo that really seemed planned.

Chelsie is really shining, dancing with Gev. Gev wasn’t quite there for her at some point – at one time you could actually see her reaching for his hand.

So I’m calling 06, 07, 08, 10. Think that’s too many?

Oooooh, group Bollywood routine tomorrow! But uh, I still miss Shane Sparks. Predictions? Mark and Kherington are going home. ::crossing fingers::


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