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BElaTed awards

Totally slept on the BET awards when they first aired. So, since I knew they’d be re-aired from now til the end of the year, I just dvr-ed that sucker last night.

I read a snippet of commentary about Usher’s performance, but I am not otherwise prejudiced about the show.

This is basically the only time of year that I watch BET. Once it changed hands, I decided there was probably no reason left for me to tune in. I actually think i should probably turn it on at random intervals so I can catch some music videos, but otherwise…BET’s never been huge for me.

The show open was spectacular, contrary to what I’d read. Usher was lippin’ it, but his dancing didn’t look like the moves of an old man to me. He did good, and he kept it up throughout the song. I’ve had a crazy love/hate relationship with Usher ever since ‘You Will Know’ & ‘U Make Me Wanna’. His music was cool, and spoke to me in a way other music didn’t at the time, but whenever I read an interview with him, his personality ego came screaming off the page. From everything I’ve seen, he doesn’t need me as a fan, since he loves himself so much. So, for me to say that he did a good job with the show open ~ that’s saying something.

Lovely to hear MC Lyte’s voice – I was actually kinda hoping she’d be the host, but apparently it’s DL Hughley. He’s ok. But he completely ripped off the Daily Show for a joke about that whole Kanye/GWB thing. Wyatt Cenac said it first.

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Repurposing material kinda makes him seem like a hack, but maybe he just assumed that the audiences wouldn’t overlap. Which actually might be worse.

Actually DL is not funny….oh well.

The 1st presenters are Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard. They both have albums dropping in September and now it is clear why I had that lovely moment last month at Sony. [I totally forgot to mention this, didn’t I?] When I was in NYC, before we left for Rome, we hung out with a couple of friends who work at Sony, and we took the elevator down to the lobby as we were leaving. As I was stepping out of the elevator, some eager beavers were stepping in, and this tall, fine man bumps into me. Literally inches from his face, I look into the green eyes of Terrence Howard, and he apologizes and excuses himself and continues his conversation with whoever else it was that got on the elevator with him.

So, of course, all I’m thinking as I watch the exchange between Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard is – I have a beautiful voice….

But anyway. Chris Brown got best R&B male artist and there’s no argument from me.

Young Jeezy got everybody hyped with Put On. Lil Wayne and Diddy were bobbin’ their heads, but Chris Brown and Rihanna were actually gettin’ crunk. Kanye was ok…but Jeezy was doin’ his thing already, so folks were as hype as they were gon’ be.

Best male athlete: Kobe. [This category seems dumb to me. Why are athletes getting awards from BET??]

Keyshia Cole is not that great a performer. And I wanna like her, so much. I do like her. But the whole performance thing just didn’t cut it. It seemed like she didn’t know when to sing and when to dance. Or maybe she was just so excited she was dancing more than she shoulda been and then lost her breath to be able to sing. Lil Kim was cool in ‘Let it Go’, but I hated that Keyshia ended on a note that was off.

Fitting that MC Lyte introduced Cuba, Nia, and Morris [Boyz N the Hood]. All I could think as I was staring at their old behinds was that I must be old, too. AAaack. That, and Cuba must be high.

Best female hip-hop artist: Missy.

I haven’t seen the video for this Ne-Yo song, so I’m kinda taken aback at his dancing ability. He’s an incredibly talented songwriter, definitely better looking with a hat on, and getting serious brownie points for putting the mack down on Queen Latifah.

Um. Was. ..was that? the Jabberwockeez? woo.

You know what? LL must be getting close to 50. Oy. He and Ashanti are kinda mismatched to present, right?

Best new artist: The Dream.

Alicia Keys pulled out a good performance of ‘Teenage Love Affair’ though I’m not into her hair. And then she starts singing ‘Weak’ – and I’m like what? And then SWV’s on the stage and I’m in a full-on 90s flashback, singing along with ALL the words because I freakin’ KNOW this song. But it’s not over! A few bars and…I know she didn’t get all four of the members of En Vogue back together to sing ‘Hold On’ – what? There’s more? TLC and ‘Waterfalls’? Uh oh. Uh oh. I’ma do the rap – cuz I gotta (from memory):

I seen a rainbow yesterday
but too many storms have come and gone
leavin’ a trace of not one God-given ray
Is it because my life is ten shades of gray
I pray all ten fade away – seldom praise Him for the sunny days

But like His promise is true,
Only my faith can undo
the many chances I blew to bring my life to a new
clear blue and unconditional skies
have dried the tears from my eyes – no more lonely cries

My only bleedin’ hope is for the folk who can’t cope
with such an endurin’ pain
that it keeps ‘em in the pouring rain
Who’s to blame for tootin’ caine into your own vein?
what a shame – you shoot and aim for someone else’s brain

you claim to be insane and
name this day and time for fallin’ prey to crime
I say the system got ya victim to ya own mind
Dreams are hopeless aspirations
But hopes are comin’ true
Believe in yourself – the rest is up to me and you.
~rip ‘Left Eye’

SWV, En Vogue, TLC. How can it NOT be a good time?

Best male hip-hop artist: Kanyeezy. But eh. Whatever.

T-Pain is one ugly mofo. But he can perform. Does he even release anything by himself? Not since ‘I’m in Love With a Stripper’. The parade of rappers begins with FloRida and Rick Ross and climaxes with BigBoi and Luda. And you know they got er’body in their corner when Jordin Sparks is all up in it.

Video of the Year: UGK & Outkast: ‘Int’l Players Anthem’

Warren Sapp has the most recognizable voice in gospel? Wow. I’m more familiar with Marvin. And a few other folks not in the family. (Ah, I see, DL screwed up and it is Marvin.) But doesn’t it have to be weird coming on after T-Pain was the last performer? (Kirk Franklin looks a lil odd…is he ill? Is he ok?) But Marvin Sapp really chose well for the video montage behind him – it really puts the song into perspective. It’s really an awesome thing to think about all the people who came before us who paved the way. And there is still so much farther to go.

Best Gospel Artist: Marvin Sapp

Chris Brown’s ‘With You’ just makes me think of David Archuleta’s awful attempt. Thank God there’s more. Ooh. Ciara. And you know that had to get Rihanna’s reaction to all o’ that. No singing? That was it? What a letdown.

David Banner, Brandon T. Jackson, Solange, Soulja Boy, and Cassie have been christened the spokespeople for generation…NOW(?). In that they’re all reading lines that encourage those that aren’t registered to get registered to vote.

Best Collabo: Kanye again? Naw. ‘Good Life’ isn’t that good of a song. And now Kanye’s callin’ himself a king and talkin about how his opinion matters? Least you always know where you stand with him.

New album coming from John Legend, this fall. YAY!

Lifetime Achievement Award: Rev. Al Green

He is gospel, he is soul, he’s rock and roll…he’s collard greens, smothered fried chicken, spades and church fans. ~ John Legend

Jill Scott’s tribute with ‘Still in Love With You’ was very, very nice. Well done. But the dress…uh uh. Anthony Hamilton’s ‘Tired of Being Alone’ – ok. Sometimes I’m just not into his voice, and he sounds like he might be trying to sound like Al Green. [no-no] Aw, d@mn. Maxwell. ‘Simply Beautiful’. Woo. I’m in no condition to finish this now, cuz of that man’s voice…(and Al Green is a nut) y’all – ‘Let’s Stay Together’. This really does feel like a family reunion, now. We all goin’ crazy now – even Busta. ‘Love and Happiness’ There is not one sad face in the building, people are dancing in the aisles, all they need is some barbecue.

I have never seen these hosts for 106 & Park. I still remember AJ and Free. I don’t know anyone else, actually.

Viewer’s Choice: Lil Weezy [and large posse]

Rihanna’s ‘Take a Bow’ is a good song. It’s kinda like ‘Irreplaceable’ part 2, but I still have it memorized. Cute that Chris Brown is singing along. ‘Specially since the dude behind him is texting. Maybe that’s cuz this is a very straight up performance. They could almost just play the track and there’d be no difference. Eh.

Best Actor and Actress awards are not televised but go to Denzel and Halle. Are they just the default? What has Halle done lately?

Yay, that chairman and CEO of BET is a lady. Boo, that she didn’t choose a better dress.

Humanitarian Award: Q. Nominated for 79 Grammys. Winner of 27. Wow – he’s 75. And on the board for the African American Smithsonian – interesting.

I don’t think I really understood Ashanti. She helped introduce Nelly, and referenced a song I think they worked on together and were going to co-release on both albums, but somethin’ came up, I guess?

Nelly seems like he’s gone in a different direction, and now…Fergie’s on the stage…rapping? Good performance. But maybe a tad schizophrenic?

Best female R&B: Alicia Keys. Surprise, surprise. But the dress. No. Nonononononono.

T-Pain and Lil Wayne.

Shawty want a thug, bottle fulla bubb…Hip-hop is alive, don’t worry I got it.

Wayne’s blowin’ up right now and no one can ignore this. Freakin’ Coldplay couldn’t beat him. Alright, fam, alright. Do the d@mn thing.

One thought on “BElaTed awards

  1. Body on Me is on both Ashanti and Nelly’s cd’s and they were supposed to perform it at the BET Awards. It is Nelly’s new single.

    I think Ashanti’s speech got lost in translation because for one DL..fugged up his part.

    She was trying to take a jab at “Mediatakeout” because they posted that she and Nelly were getting engaged at the BET Awards..

    And she was also explaining why she backed out of the performance..her saying she had the “good good” was kinda a play on words.

    Instead of rehearsing for the BET Awards she shot the video for her second single “Good Good” on Sunday and Monday before the Bet Awards.

    Shit I probably just confused you even more!!

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