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definitely, maybe: gently viewed

Looking for a movie that’s sweet, low-key, with at least one hot guy? A mellow romantic comedy with some 90s nostalgia thrown in? Definitely, Maybe is it.

With a cast including Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin, Rachel Weisz [who I will always love b-cuz of the Mummy movies], and Isla Fisher [who is apparently starring as Becky Bloomwood when Confessions of a Shopaholic finally debuts next year – yay!], this movie delivers the feel-good you just might need in the growing conflagration of sorrow that seems to be exploding this summer.

As a complete bonus, if you love NYC and you were fond of the 90s, this movie will take you back. Maybe I’m gushing, here, but I feel like this was just what the doctor ordered. It entertained, was aesthetically pleasant, and took me back to my own memories of the 90s – some of which were due for a bit of dusting off.

In summary, Ryan Reynolds is Abigail Breslin’s father, and after much cajoling on her part, he begins to tell her the story of how he and her mother ended up together. It’s a complicated story, and this story is the meat of the movie. Several women come in and out of his life, and we (along with his daughter) are carried along for the mysterious journey to discover just which one became her mother.

This movie was very satisfying for me, and I could see watching it again and again when it inevitably comes on We or Oxygen or Lifetime, or TBS or TNT or USA, or whatever.

Last but not least, this movie revived the memory of that long ago day in my dorm room, when I first heard Kurt Cobain and ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. That really was the birth of the 90s. A new sound in rock, there were new sounds in hip hop and pop, the world was changing and I believed in everything back then. So before my digression takes over, reminisce with a bud and see this movie.


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