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mia michaels is a freakin’ idiot

Yeah she is.  Not that she can’t choreograph great pieces – she can.  But sometimes, she’s just way off.  Banoodles, if you will.  Let’s take this evening’s performances and as the critiques go by, perhaps some light will be shed.

1 ~ Chelsea & Thayne: Jazz. Terrible.  Start to finish, there was no charisma.  Also, there really didn’t seem to be much story in the choreography, when considering that there seemed to be an actual story that was supposed to get across.  Maybe it’s the way they danced it, but I just didn’t get it.  On this, Mia and I agreed.

2 ~ Chelsie & Mark: Argentine Tango.  Nice.  Apparently, Chelsie had an errant toe issue which was … odd and disturbing.  Mia loves Mark cuz he’s quirky.  Ok, Mia.  We know you like quirky.  Ok.  I liked this more than I usually like tango, but all-in-all tango doesn’t really resonate with me.

3 ~ Jessica & Will: Hip-Hop.  Well done.  I like this routine a lot.  And I loved Will, as I thought he might have more of a problem relaxing, but he really didn’t.  Jessica did just fine, IMO.  She was not the star Will was, but still good.

***************Mia now begins to start to pose, which she continues to do for the rest of the show.  Intentionally calling attention to how “dirty”, “down”, “grungy”, “raw”, traditionally brown-people dances supposedly are.  This is one of those subtle things that some might sling the word ‘over-sensitive’ at me over.  I do not care.***************

4 ~ Kourtni & Matt: Fox Trot.  Loved this.  I thought they did well, and the judges are still hating on them cuz they’re so tall.  But they weren’t nearly as clunky and awkward as they were last week.

5 ~ Courtney & Gev: Contemporary.  Sexxxay.  Beautiful.  When Courtney just closed her eyes and swayed into Gev – that’s when I officially fell in love with the piece.  The ending was a lil strange, but still ok.

***************It’s become a thing now for the choreographer judge to always acknowledge another choreographer’s work.  To where it doesn’t really seem genuine.  Mia’s quite good at not seeming genuine tonight.***************

6 ~ Katee & Joshua: Broadway.  Once again, best of the night.  Katee stepped up this week, cuz I didn’t think she was as super as Joshua last week,  This week?  Both of them were AWESOME!!!!  The piece fit the song like a hand-in-glove.  It was exciting, hilarious, and riveting.  I loved every moment..

7 ~ Susie & Marquis:  Salsa.  (full disclosure – I’ve hated Susie from the time I saw her audition.  I don’t feel like she should have gotten to Vegas, much less top 20)  The two of them were pretty awful.  I wish I hadn’t watched it – that’s how bad it was.

***************Mia now invokes the fact that she’s from Miami, so she understands the salsa.***************

8 ~ Kherington & Twitch:  Viennese Waltz.  The choreography is very personal and beautiful.  The dancers performed it miraculously beautiful and the whole piece was very touching.  However, Mia arrived just in time to remind us that this was actually about herShe knows what it’s like to put so much of the personal into a piece.  And she didn’t think that Kherington should have been smiling [not that anyone watching at home could tell, the cameras didn’t focus on her face much].  That’s right, this piece was for not about a disabled child.  How dare she smile!  Thankfully, Nigel interrupted.  Mia sort of had to eat her words, but it took her so long to do it!  She could NOT shut up.  Which seemed quite reminiscent of the sitch with Katee  in the choosing of the final girl in the top 20.  Hypocrite much?

9 ~ Comfort & Chris:  Krump.  This was SO not buck.  Actually, I thought the choreography was really lacking on this one.  Mia’s obligatory shout out to the “raw”ness of Lil C was unnecessary.  There was nothing really raw about this piece.  They actually didn’t DO very much.  There wasn’t anything for them really TO do, as Lil C either dropped the ball or put the ball away cuz it was too much for Chris to handle.  That may very well have been it, cuz Chris was not fly.  [for any color guy].  Comfort did what she could, and she nailed some moves, but for the most part, all they were doing was walking around the stage.  on beat.


But Mia thinks Chris did well for being such an awkwardly white guy.  Glad he’s got at least 1 fan.

And so it is for all these reasons, that I qualify my previous announcement.  Mia Michaels is a choreography genius.  Otherwise, she’s an idiot, commenting on people she either likes or dislikes.

I’d love Will and Joshua in the final 4, this year.  Twitch is still grabbing at my heartstrings, though.  His work in the waltz tonight was amazing.  That’s a good one to fall asleep on…………………..


14 thoughts on “mia michaels is a freakin’ idiot

  1. I totally agree…All I know is I hardly watch but my wife watches like crazy. So I watched a little bit of it with her the other night and the first thing I said is wow, that Mia chick is a b*!

  2. I completely agree. Mia Michaels is Banoodles.

    She was really harsh on the women too. She would totally rip the hearts out of the girls and eat them in a very “raw and earthy” fashion and as the blood is still dripping from her chin she’d look at the guy and say AMAHGAWD I LUV YEW!!

    WTH kind of comment is “Don’t smile??”

    I mean she’s totally insulting that choreographer at a very important moment. It wasn’t about HER freaking idiot lady! It was about HIM!!! (and his daughter:)

    I had chills that whole routine and she totally ruined it.
    She just ruined it.

    I personally think she is a great choreographer but a completely inept judge.

    I think she should be fired as a judge completely.

    I used to love her, but now she makes me barf and may be the undoing of my love for SYTYCD.

  3. it’s funny to me how someone can basically do the same thing to another person which they are claiming is so wrong in the first place. can you say hypocrite? it’s all a matter of opinion and frankly, i’m sorry who are you? certainly nothing close to the caliber of ms. michaels.

    “i used to love her but now she makes me barf”??? jesus how old are your readers.

    it’s too bad that this post shows up on google where it does.

  4. well of course I’m gonna critique her, see my comments and moderation page for notes about how I preside over my lil ‘queendom’ here.

    Glad you came. Stop by again real soon.

  5. Wow, she is a B*, II can’t believe that she Just told Will that Jhe was carrying Jessica all this time, and that he deserve a new partner……My Gosh she is a b*….
    I like Will comment after that

  6. I think Mia Michaels needs to show a little more “organic purity” when she judges the dancers

    ….but seriously she’s a b*

  7. Ms. M will get hers. Unfortunately karma catches up with an oversized ego eventually. There is absolutely nothing constructive in many of her comments. She loves hearing the sound of her voice as she’s spouting her new age BS…AND…what’s with the hat. She looked ridiculous!!! Sorry but I agree with Julia She’s so irritating she makes me not want to watch the show

  8. Mia Michaels may be a successful choreographer but I personally find her choreographies, over the top, overwrought, effected and unbearable to watch. I have never really liked any of her “stuff” and when I found out on this blog that she choreographed for Celine Dion, it explained it all since Celine is the most overwrought, over the top, affected and unbearable to watch songstress today.
    They are certainly a match made in heaven.
    I am sick of the fawning over Mia Michaels that goes on during the show and I dislike Mia’s attitude, which keeps getting worse due to all the fawning over her. Many of the other choregraphers are waaaaaay better than her but she always gets the Royal treatment. I for one will never pray at the altar of Mia Michaels. As for Mary Murphy, she is so annoying it is beyond words, I would like to see new judges in new seasons because the show is getting a bit too irritating…

  9. this is not true Mia Michels are the best choreographer on the worl and se is a grat personality.

    And oll of shes comments it’s true.

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  11. Mia Michaels is amazing inside and out and nothing youguys say can change that. i have met her personally and you guys are compeletly wrong about her.

    come on its a dance show your being judged you should excpect that…..

  12. Mia Michaels is a brilliant person. Period. She sees things in a way that most people are blind sided by. The fact is she has created a whole new movement that is so pure and comes from within….you can’t even criticize that. She has changed the way dancers move in the sense that lyrical.. has now become more organic and raw and taken more of a contemporary route. Do you people who even comment on this page dance? She is brutally honest… but that’s what dancing professionally is all about. You need thick skin and if you can’t handle criticism your not cut out for the business.

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