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what’s the big deal about: Juno

[unsure as to whether this becomes a recurring segment or not, but here goes.]

Tonight, I finally watched Juno.  I liked it.  It was cute.  But maybe I listened to too much of the hype.  Perhaps the buildup to the movie was a tad overblown?  Cuz, it was cool, but it didn’t really register as groundbreaking to me.

A high-school junior alterna-chick gets pregnant and is [seemingly] guilted into carrying the baby to term by a classmate with improper English [“All babies want to get borned!”] who tells her that the fetus already has fingernails.  So she decides on adoption, tells her very understanding parents [when you compare them to mine] and basically goes back to living her life.

Yeah, there’s this “thing” growing inside her, but the story’s not really about that.  It’s about her relationships with other people, especially her bf.

I loved some of the actors in this movie.  Allison Janney was my fave.  Telling off the ultrasound tech was awesome.  And then the fact that her character named her child ‘Liberty Bell’ (LB for short).  How much better does it even get?

But overall, I didn’t get any hugely different messages from this movie than from others in the mainstream [however alternative they were going for].  ***Spoiler Alert***  Jennifer Garner had straight up baby-mania, and her husband was scared – so he left.  Adoption is always better than abortion, cuz the fetus has fingernails.  Fingernails!

The best part of the story was seeing more into the life of a pregnant teenager.  Her life was about so much more than just her pregnancy.

All in all, two thumbs up.  Sturdy piece.


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