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mia michaels is a freakin’ genius

Summertime is dancin’ time!  My favorite reality show is back, with my hunny-bunny, Twitch. [He doesn’t know it, yet.]  So Mia Michaels is my fave choreographer, because she tells the best stories.  But wow, she told a wild & crazy story tonight.

The vision of Tim Burton’s wedding?  Obviously, it would be an oddity among oddities.  [Have you seen Sweeney Todd?]  And the choreography was so perfect.

But not my fave choreography of the night.  Fave work of the night?  Song: No Air, Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown  Dancers: Katee & Joshua.  Choreographers: Napoleon & Tabitha.  Beautiful.  Heartbreaking.  The ONLY hip-hop of the night, actually.

My favorite genres continue to be hip-hop and contemporary.  That’s where the stories are, and the stories are what I love about dance.  Sure, some nice lines in a waltz, a bit of fun and drama in broadway, sex appeal in latin…but it comes down to story for me.  Stories are told in hip-hop and contemporary.  Cohesive, comprehensive, relatable stories.  [Tango might be a story, but I’m just not on that level, I guess.]

So, Wade Robson guests tomorrow night, that’ll be nice to see.  We’re in for a great season.  I don’t have a front-runner picked, but there is a lot of talent.  We’ll see how things go.

2 thoughts on “mia michaels is a freakin’ genius

  1. Mimi (Mia Michaels) is the best Choreographer i have ever seen, she’s my fav too, she is sooooooooooooooo amazing, I am always in awe when i see her dance or see any of her dance routines. I could never do any of those things and I am from Trinidad – lol (all Trinis could move – YEAH RIGHT!!!!!).

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