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Monday night is a bust when it comes to primetime tv. So it was time for my Michael Caine double feature movie night. I’m not a super Caine fan, but I do like his style, usually. I actually didn’t realize that both of the movies I got from Netflix included him. They’re both British, and rather ‘under-the-radar’ as far as I know.

The first was ‘Little Voice‘ – about a girl who almost never talks and her mother, who almost never shuts up. The girl has the ability to perfectly mimic Marilyn Monroe, Shirley Bassey, and Judy Garland [among others]. Ewan McGregor costars. The movie ended a little abruptly for me, and I think, overall, it was just kinda strange. The mother was over-the-top and the daughter seemed perhaps – emotionally/socially stunted? Odd movie. Pleasant in some places. And the actress, Jane Horrocks, she does all the actual singing herself. That’s kind of amazing really. Michale Caine’s part was important, but not overpowering. And he sings his heart out, once. All-in-all, watch at your own peril. If you’re into semi-arty/indy films – you’ll like this.

The second, ‘Sleuth‘, was better, IMO. Directed by Kenneth Branagh [who I will love forever because of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’], this movie was a festival for people who are into interesting camera angles. The title clues in the viewer to the fact that this will be a movie in which some level of detection is practiced. Its methods are utterly unconventional, though. Quite entertaining, Sleuth included enough twists and mental gymnastics to make it fun and interesting – and then one more for good measure. Enjoyable for a ore general audience, I believe. Jude Law costars. I think I’d categorize this as a mild mental thriller. A good one.

Life is smooth other than rising costs of living. Work is challenging, and my review is on Wed. I’m semi-terrified, considering how things have gone in the last 3 months or so. But I don’t think I’ll be getting fired…so that’s good.

My boss isn’t acting wild and crazy anymore, but I’ve certainly learned my lesson. I allowed myself to be lulled into thinking that we could be quasi-work-friends. I ended up getting burned on that. But now, I’m the ‘sadder-but-wiser girl’.

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[when I was a kid, I though for sure they were saying “the Satter Budweiser girl”.]

I’m not actually sad, but I think I did get my feeling hurt back when she hit her stride in the bad times. Now that we’re back in what seems to be good times, I am overly cautious. I can’t let my guard down again, because doing that makes you too vulnerable – and I don’t need to be vulnerable at work.

I really gotta go to sleep now, though. Peace.


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