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persistant avoidance

I’ve seen glimmers.  Heard rumors.  Perused some of the commentary on the controversy.  And I’m ready to shift into high avoidance.  So, I wanna list the movies that have caught my attention for this summer.

Already Released
(these guys came out right before or right after the trip, so they got missed)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I hear this one is a bit more for the adults.  I’m looking forward to it, because I really enjoyed the books 100 yrs ago, when I read them.  And the first movie did not disappoint me.  Next –

Sex and The City

Yes, I’ve been waiting just like everybody else for the last fours years [or however long it’s been].  I don’t have very high hopes considering some of the reviews I’ve seen, and the fact that it seems like this thing is all about Carrie [who I started to hate in the last 1 1/2 seasons – though I really did like Berger (until his apparent male implosion).  I hated Barishnikov.]  But I still think it’s gonna be great fun.

Coming Soon

Get Smart (6/20)

I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out for like two years.  My sister and I watched ‘Get Smart’ on Nick at Nite when we were kids – a lot.  Would you believe – every night?  [ok, so not every night, but a lot.]  I can’t wait – I love Steve Carell.  I love Anne Hathaway. (In the beginning I wasn’t totally sold on them together, or her as 99, but I”m totally into it now.  She looks like she really got into the role.)

Wanted (6/27)

I just happened to see trailers for this tonight.  Everyone who knows me knows I took the whole Brad-Jennifer-Angelina thing personally [don’t ask], but for some reason, Angelina just tends to do movies I really like.  Like Hackers.  And Tomb Raider.  Anyway, the trailer for this movie seems to fit everything I want in a movie: action, cute boys, a strong woman, and a bit of humor.  What’s not to love, right?  [BTW, I didn’t go see Mr. & Mrs Smith on principal, although it seemed to be my kind of movie.  I finally watched it last fall, and was not impressed.  Best movie I’ve seen where significant others worked together?  Much Ado About Nothing (E. Thompson/K. Branagh) – Pure excellence, IMO.  With the exception of Mr. Reeves.  But then, that’s a whole ‘nother subject…

Wall-E (6/27)

For the longest time I didn’t even know what this movie was about.  Now I do, and I think it’s cute, but I am not really expecting greatness from this one either.  I am a Disney girl, but I’m more looking forward to ‘The Frog Princess‘ and ‘The Incredibles 2’ (which had better be in the works).

Batman: The Dark Knight (7/18)

No, it’s not just cuz I’ve been in love with Christian Bale ever since Newsies.  [Though I’m not denying that]  I loved ‘Batman Begins’.  It was my favorite of all the Batman movies – and I feel as though the others should all be redone, with Christian Bale.  He was meant to be the Bat.

Cant really think of any others that have sparked my curiosity.  But all these are must-sees in my book.  Let’s have a good summer, then, shall we?  Regardless of the inanity running rampant in the rest of the world.

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