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a prescient moment

Every once in a while I get deja vu.  Sometimes I could swear [if I actually swore] that I definitely had lived certain situations before.  And sometimes I know for sure (for sure for sure) that I dreamt about specific events.

So, about a year ago…maybe a little more…I dreamed that my sister and her bf and I were in Rome and were walking around in a maze of some kind.  I think we were actually getting chased by something and so we were trying to hide in the maze, but…I’m always getting chased in my dreams.  [don’t really know what that’s about, but I’m always getting chased in my dreams.]

It’s just kinda weird/cool that I dreamt that when I didn’t even know all of us would be there.  And it totally came true [except for the chasing us part, which usually doesn’t in real life].  We were at the catacombs, and I realized – this is it!  I dreamed this!  Forever ago!

I kinda wish I knew more about dreams, since I dream a lot and they’re fairly interesting.

Of course, sometimes, they’re a bit of nonsense.  And then, more recently, other people have been dreaming about me.  Which I’m not really sure how that goes.  But it’s always usually fun to hear about a dream soeone else had about you.

In other news, I finally got a chance to catch up on all the tv I missed – the pinnacle of which I think was A&E’s new adaptation of ‘The Andromeda Strain‘ [my favorite Michael Crichton book ever].  I had no idea there were even plans for a remake, until I saw the preview in the movie theater after I saw Baby Mama [which is funny and you should go see it.  SUPPORT FEMALE LEADS!!!]  Other faves?  The 2-hr Grey’s Anatomy finale, and the Gossip Girl ender.  Definitely awesome.

And so, the dog days of summer are ushered in.  It’s hot, and there’s not much on tv.  So I’m just watching randomosity and waiting for SYTYCD to get to the top 20.  [my fave summer show – long live Sabra!]

I am studiously ignoring all political news, and basically just praying for everyone in the world, considering the catastrophes that have ravaged so many places in the last month.  Pop culture is the escape of choice, right now.


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