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some people can’t say ‘boo’

You know, there are words that some people just can’t say.  Maybe this gets into one of those ‘authenticity’ discussions, but really, I feel like there are some things that certain folks can’t get away with.

As long as I can remember, my mother has not been able to say the word ‘cool’.  At least not with it coming out sounding cool.  It actually sounds forced and awful.  That’s just my mom.  She sound perfectly fine saying “neat”.  Not ‘cool’.

According to my sister, I sounds forced and awful when a Southern accent creeps into my speech.  This is strange, considering I’ve actually lived in the South longer than her.  But since she was born here and I wasn’t, I’ll take her word for it.

And David Archuleta sounds forced and awful when he sang ‘With You’ by Chris Brown.  Extremely, terribly, unredeemably forced and awful.

This night of Idol, more than any other this season, reinforces the cold, hard truth.  This is the season of Idol where mediocrity took control.  The three contestants left this evening: David A, Syesha, and David C – they all did…just ok.

Actually, I think David C did the worst (having the worst song choices), and that’s unfortunate.  I feel as though the three of them are fairly evenly matched, and the songs chosen for them should have also been evenly matched.  But then, perhaps, David C should’ve risen to the challenge to arrange his pieces more creatively and tailored them more for his own voice and style [in which case he would’ve been held to a higher standard than the other two contestants – also not being fair.]


So I’m voting for Syesha, cuz I like her the best, and I actually think she’s a better all around performer.  (crossing my fingers)


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