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Wright then

A few weeks ago I was in a discussion about Rev. Wright’s comments.  The “God damn America” (GDA) ones – not the most recent ones from his round robin of media appearances.  This was in the framework of whether religious leaders should be politically involved, and whether they should be held accountable to the more general public for what they say in the pulpit.

Talk of Pfleger’s response/rebuttal to a Fox News person drew the conversation in the direction of how more people should stand up to talk about what the real essence of the GDA phrase was.  The fact that America has imposed incredible cruelty on her own citizens, as well as citizens of the world is no great mystery.  The concept of ‘manifest destiny’ is not strange to any school child.  And upon reaching adulthood, it would behoove us all to think more critically about the slant with which we learned our own history.

The reality of ‘chickens coming home to roost’ was eventually met with a begrudging understanding.  It’s not something we like to admit about ourselves – being the best country in the world, and all – but it is truth.

So what more beef can we bring up about Wright, then?  Ahh…his comment about the US government being involved in disseminating HIV in the black community.

One person was adamant that because this conspiracy theory is factually wrong, it was the most (if not only) egregious section of the speech.  Spouting a conspiracy theory, in effect, negates whatever other parts of the sermon might have been salvaged.

I brought up the fact that many people are more inclined to believe this theory [this is certainly not the first time I’ve heard it, or one of the variants], because of the history that America has with its brown populace.  In the not-so-distant past, the Tuskegee Experiment claimed the lives of unsuspecting black men.  And now, I’m reading about more instances that haven’t gotten quite the same coverage.

And yet, more people will use this as an excuse to disbelieve in the patriotism of brown people in America, than to ask how the debt that is owed might be paid.

Is anyone still wondering why Marvin wanted to holler and throw up his hands?


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