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rock & roll scar(e)s a new generation

Hmm. I don’t know what to say.

Hungry Like A Wolf. Proud Mary. I Shot the Sheriff. Stand By Me.

Wow. The first one wasn’t quite so presumptuous, but the rest? Do they really think they’re that good?

Jason doesn’t deserve comment.

David A. has decided to try to look deep while he’s singing. This translates to corn. He did ok.

David C. and Syesha were middle-of-the-road and I hope they’re still there next week.

Baba O’Riley. A Change Is Gonna Come. Mr. Tambourine Man. Love Me Tender.

Straight up karaoke of Bob Marley, forgetting the words of Bob Dylan. Hmm, think Jason’s going home? I hope so, but I get the feeling that the tweenyboppers might save him. I’m scared.

David C. and Syesha did ok. But they need to stay. Syesha’s dress was amazing, btw.

David A reclaimed the crown tonight, with ‘Love Me Tender’. Finally, a good song choice and performance from him.

Folks, please vote for Syesha. If you don’t, the tweenyboppers will keep Jason Castro on this show.


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